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March 15


Chatboard Highlights: Latest news on stocks & securities we hold in our Portfolio

Below is a listing of the latest news on stocks and securities we hold in our portfolio, in addition to some key economic news, which were shared on our Chatboard by HDO members. I wish to thank all HDO members who are contributing, and special thanks to members dannyp52, Couch, Phil in OKC, Head Wrench, joshgi1, Governor19, BzNews, BrainRain1, Sassey, Dean 500, darrylawe, Jozsef Pengel, Isaac Z, Risk Reward, JoeRetired, GlennDawsonsodd, annel1, saruehle, Theodore Savas, testrelka, see44h, ZEPPRO, James BF, PapaAlan, Corsair Capital, HopeAlpha, dougn, thebellsareringing, CDNEH, Original Braila, Qu243, Gregg McKnight, Jussi Askola and others who contribute to our Chatboard.



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Fun fact: $SPY ETF net-flows in 2017 were +$10.6B vs YTD net-flows of -$18.5B



How Blackstone Turned India Into Its Most Profitable Market



Oil prices rise on reduced U.S. drilling activity, booming job market

Oil markets climbed on Monday on the back of a drop in the number of U.S. rigs drilling for more production and as the U.S. economy continued to create jobs, which industry hopes will drive higher fuel demand.



Tell us what you think: What could be the next stumbling block for this bull market?

For this week's Trader Poll, we want to know what you think could spook markets.



Emerging-Market Investors Face a Week of Tumult as Trade War Looms




Trump considers ex-Microsoft exec as top economic adviser: official

Chris Liddell, a former executive at Microsoft Corp and General Motors Co, is under consideration to become U.S. President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, a White House official said on Sunday, confirming media reports.



Aramco IPO Delayed Until 2019 As New York Listing Grows Increasingly Remote

...Saudi Arabia is growing increasingly desperate to do everything it can to bolster the price of oil...



A Currency War Is Coming




Asia shares rally as U.S. job data revive risk appetite

A relief rally swept across Asian share markets on Monday after the latest U.S. jobs report managed to impress with its strength while also easing fears of inflation and faster rate hikes, a neat feat that whetted risk appetites globally.



9-Year Bull to Roar High: Bet on the Best Leveraged ETFs

As the U.S. bull market turned nine on Mar 9, major bourses saw tremendous upside suggesting that the market still has legs. The S&P 500 index.


Fidelity's Favorites



U.S. Stocks And REITs Top Last Week's Winners List

Equities and real estate investment trusts (REITs) led most markets higher last week. Rebounding after a weak start to this month's trading, nearly all the majo


$WPG | Columbus Business First

Washington Prime buys Sears properties for $28.5M - Columbus - Columbus Business First



STORE Capital Has All Of The Ingredients For Something Special

There was certainly a surge when STORE’s new investor (Berkshire Hathaway) entered the room. Berkshire Hathaway remains a shareholder and the purpose for my art..



At this stage, it's 'more of a trade tiff' than trade war

Sean Callow of Westpac Bank says, however, the main concern remains the possible next steps in the coming months from a very protectionist U.S. president.



Trump tells people he is selecting Larry Kudlow to replace Gary Cohn

President Donald Trump told people Monday that he has settled on Larry Kudlow to replace Gary Cohn as the new director of the White House's National Economic Council, according to a source familiar with his conversations.



Asia to become No 1 stock market and heres an allAmerican way to play that says Morgan Stanley - MarketWatch

Government focus and rising wealth are signals that the Asian stock market is at the start of a major expansion that should make it the world’s largest equity market within the next decade, according to Morgan Stanley.



SP bulls and bears are fighting over the 2787 region - MarketWatch

If the bulls are able to push through that resistance, they can turn this stock market bullish once again.



Why the Cup & Handle Chart Pattern Works - New Trader U -

Why Cup & Handle Chart Patterns Work An explanation of why cup and chart patterns work on stocks and how to trade them.




Oil Price's Goldilocks Moment

Oil is a large "transitory" factor on inflation, but still not major unless there is an oil price shock.
Oil price has a "Goldilocks" level, just as employment and inflation do.
If oil prices rises to over $100, then the Fed is in a very difficult position - except under one circumstance.

Buy oil stocks on the recent dip, but watch for an economic slowdown in 2019 or 2020.



This Small Cap REIT Is Poised To Profit

Keep searching and eventually you will uncover some exceptional small cap REITs that are poised to profit. It has taken a while for the broader market to come t..


$MLP space including $EPD

Clear Skies, Full Boats, Can't Lose

MLPs and Midstream were positive this week, but they waited until Friday's broad market and oil price rally to trade up, and therefore underperformed the..

Texas Forever
Midstream sentiment remains very much day-to-day, with MLP investors anxiously waiting for a sustained rally that has remained elusive for 3+ years. Enterprise Products Partners L.P.'s (NYSE:EPD) bullish outlook on supply and export growth, coupled with self-funding intentions failed to spark broad interest in midstream, despite it being a first class event helped by stunning ..


Will MLP Distribution Cuts Pay Off?

MLP Distributions are down 30%. Many cuts were justified to fund growth. Will that reinvested cash show results?

The sector has been priced as if the distribution cuts were fully reflective of weaker operating results, whereas in most cases they’ve been to support future growth. Investors appear to be assuming away the foregone distributions, as if the operating cashflows supporting them have disappeared, whereas many companies have been financing growth plans with this internally generated cash. MLP investors are likely not passionate about Miller-Modigliani, but we’ll see in the months ahead whether the theory has worked.



A key barometer for small cap stocks just touched a 7-week high



S&P 500’s new mini-uptrend give bears more reason to be nervous, charts suggest

Bulls may be frustrated and increasingly concerned about how long it is taking the S&P 500 index to recover what it lost last month, but the index has already done enough to suggest patience will pay off.

One of the simplest definitions of a downtrend, as explained by the Dow Theory, is a pattern of lower lows and lower highs. Not only did the S&P 500 not start a new downtrend pattern, it didn’t come close to breaking the long-term trendline that has defined the nine-year uptrend.


The Last Time Energy Stocks Underperformed This Bad, They Went On To A Multi-Year Bull Market

The last time energy stocks underperformed WTI to this degree (following a bullish oil market backdrop), energy stocks went into a multi-year bull market.
According to Warren Pies, energy stocks as a percent of the market is now at 5% or lower than the level they were at when WTI was at $26.

Comparing the contrast between 2002 and today, we found that approximately 9-months after oil prices started to rise, energy stocks followed.
We continue to hold the very contrarian view that energy stocks are in the makings of a multi-year bull market.



Judge rejects U.S. demand to exclude AT&T argument in Time Warner merger trial

AT&T Inc (T.N) can cite a voluntary commitment not to withhold content in licensing talks as a key part of its defense when an antitrust trial begins next week over the fate of the company's planned $85 billion merger with Time Warner Inc (TWX.N), U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said on Tuesday.



The Flash Correction

31 days ago the market peaked. In nine sessions the NASDAQ 100 fell 10%. And then in the next 21, it got it all back and then some, gaining 13% over that time.




Tension Is Running High in U.S. Stocks

Tension is building in the U.S. stock market, with a technical indicator suggesting that the S&P 500 Index is heading toward a significant move. What’s unknown is the direction.

That’s because lately, there’s been no shortage of contradictory narratives. Stock...


MLP Structural Simplifications: Part 2 - IDR Eliminations

By Stacey Morris Last week we discussed reorganizations in the MLP space, and today, we look at the other prevalent simplification transaction in MLP land - inc...

Bottom line

IDR eliminations have seemingly become a fact of life for maturing MLPs. While lowering the cost of capital is a primary motivation for pursuing an IDR simplification, there are additional benefits for the MLP's stakeholders. More broadly, the elimination of IDRs may make the MLP space more palatable to generalist investors, as the sponsors' interests become more aligned with those of the unitholders.




The Top-Notch High-Yield Stock Many Investors Seem to Overlook

Spectra Energy Partners is about as stable a pipeline stock as income investors will find.

With that simplification transaction now in the rearview mirror, Spectra Energy Partners' focus going forward will be on expanding its pipeline network. The company currently has $2.5 billion of expansion projects under way, with $2 billion of them expected to enter service this year, led by the $1.3 billion Nexus pipeline. Those growth projects should boost cash flow up to $1.8 billion by 2020, providing the company with the money to steadily increase its distribution. In fact, it plans on raising the payout 7% this year and at a 4% to 6% rate through 2020 while maintaining a conservative 1.1 to 1.2 coverage ratio.

That said, Spectra Energy Partners could potentially grow the payout at an even faster rate if it secures additional projects. One area of focus is in New England, where the company noted in its last earnings release that "natural gas pipeline capacity scarcity and system reliability remains a primary issue." The company is exploring solutions for the region and could invest $1 billion to $3 billion in projects over the next five years. The company also has development opportunities in the southeast and Gulf Coast to expand its gas pipeline network, which could yield $3 billion to as much as $6 billion in future projects.

In addition to these organic expansion opportunities, Spectra Energy Partners could also acquire assets from Enbridge or third-parties in the coming years. Enbridge, for example, owns several gas pipelines in the U.S. that it could eventually drop down to Spectra Energy Partners to free up capital for other growth projects. Meanwhile, Spectra Energy Partners could look outside the organization and acquire rivals, assets, or stakes in expansion projects to boost growth in the coming years.

One of the most compelling times to consider buying in years

Thanks to its most recent distribution increase, and a double-digit dip in value over the past few months, Spectra Energy Partners currently trades at its most compelling level in years. In fact, its yield hasn't been this high since the end of 2015 when the oil market was going haywire. That suggests now is one of the better times to considering buying Spectra Energy Partners to lock in a lucrative distribution that should continue increasing at a mid-single-digit rate over the next few years. That income with upside could potentially fuel market-beating returns for investors from here.




Which Is The Better Investment: Dividend Stocks or Growth Stocks? - Sure Dividend

Published by Nick McCullum on November 14th, 2017 At Sure Dividend, we advocate long-term investing in high-quality dividend stocks. This is because there’s a swath of evidence to suggest that dividend stocks outperform. More specifically, dividend growth stocks outperform. There is no better example of this than the Dividend Aristocrats – a group of elite dividend …



Successful Dividend Investing Requires Patience

We live in a fast paced world, where we are constantly bombarded by information on something that makes us want to act quickly. Unfortunatel...

We live in a fast paced world, where we are constantly bombarded by information on something that makes us want to act quickly. Unfortunately, that is not the successful set of skills that you need as a dividend investor. The best dividend investors are those who buy a stock, and then let it quietly compound their income and capital over time.* I know that many think they can do it, but in reality, few have the stamina to sit through extended periods of “temporary punishment”. Very often, investors give up on a company after an extended period of below average performance. After that happens, the things revert to the mean and the truly patient shareholders with a long-term vision are rewarded.



Dividend Capture Strategy: The Best Guide on the Web

We teach you everything you need to know about employing a dividend capture strategy.

The dividend capture strategy is designed to allow income-seeking investors to hold a stock just long enough to collect its dividend. While this strategy is fairly simple academically, it can be a challenge to correctly implement in many cases.



How to Make Money Using the Dividend Growth Investing Strategy

Learn why the dividend growth strategy is one of the best long-term ways to build a large portfolio and how you can employ it yourself.

Though it differs by practitioner, the gist of the dividend growth approach tends to involve some combination of the following:

- Building a collection of great companies that increase their dividends at a rate equal to or substantially in excess of inflation each year.

- Holding onto positions for long periods of time, often decades, to take advantage of deferred taxes as it allows more capital to be working for you, which means more dividends being pumped out for your family.

- Diversifying across different industries and sectors so your dividend stream isn't too reliant upon a single area of the economy such as oil, banking, or mining.

- Making sure the dividend growth is being financed by higher levels of real underlying profit, not ever-expanding debt.

- Owning a collection of stocks from different countries so you collect dividends in multiple currencies to reduce reliance upon a single government.



Dividend Capture Strategies: This One Might Actually Work

Dividend capture: Why wait 3 months? Collect dividend and move on. You only need to own a stock for one day to collect the dividend. Limiting plays to $3/shar..

Instead of working with regular quarterly payouts, I've focused my research on special dividend announcements. Special dividends are one-time payouts that are often much larger than regular dividends. For instance, regular quarterly dividends typically amount to around 1% of the stock's trading price (yield) compared to 3% or 4%, and sometimes much higher, for special payouts. Those higher yields mean that the dividend effect is less likely to be washed out by daily trading price fluctuations.

Since November 2009, I've tracked what I've termed "investable" special dividend announcements on my Dividend Detective ( website. To qualify for that list, I required either a minimum $2 per share payout, or at least $0.50 per share and a minimum 7% yield (special dividend percent of share price). Using those limitations only 33 dividends qualified as investible during 2014.



Shares in Sears are set to surge. Thursday after the retailer reported better-than-expected fourth quarter results and a boost to profit from US tax changes.

Sears surprise; Stocks stabilize; iHeartMedia bankruptcy

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.