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Weakening Energy Sector To Keep Oil Prices Under Pressure

|About: Colgate-Palmolive Company (CL), Includes: DBA, DBB, DBC, DBE, DBP

Energy Sector coming under renewed pressure

Fresh Underperformance appearing relative to the broad Commodities Index

Oil prices likely to remain under pressure

Our most recent monthly publication, Commodities Relative to DBC, has been uploaded to our website.

The report covers the major US ETF commodities sectors - Agriculture (DBA), Base Metals (DBB), Energy (DBE), Precious Metals (DBP) - and highlights potential trend changes which could be of interest to Hedge Funds, portfolio managers and private investors.

Relative to the broad Commodities ETF (DBC), there has been little change.

However, the Energy sector is coming under fresh downside pressure, resulting in a downgrade to Underperform.

Energy sector showing fresh Underperformance

We anticipate further weakness in this sector, as money managers rebalance portfolios.

In particular, investors are likely to maintain a bearish stance to Oil (CL), as highlighted in our most recent Commodities Weekly publication. Any corrective bounce should prove difficult to maintain.

Oil gains to prove difficult to sustain

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