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Riding the Silver Bullet

No, I'm not talking about Coors Light, although it's not a bad beer for American made. I'm talking about SLV, a commodity with so much potential and so undervalued. While all the wannabe rich people buy into gold just to say they can, the little people in the middle class can make as much if not more by riding the silver bullet. Not long ago, like this past August, SLV was at $15/share. Since then it reached as high as $19/share before its recent tumble. That was opportunity number one for a nice hit on SLV. Personally, I was calling for $20/share so I held on a little too long but still cashed in at a profit with $17/share. After watching from the sidelines for a bit, I called a buy at $15 (see post and only a week later it was back up at $16 where it has hit some resistance, nothing unexpected. It's a rough ride sometimes with SLV but I believe we're looking at a nice short-term gain of $3/share when SLV hits $18 in the near future. Inevitably we'll be getting reports on the sinking dollar and SLV will climb. Rather than make the same mistake twice, I say take profits this time at $18. We can ride the silver bullet into the 20s later. SLV is an $18/sh winner this time around.

Another stock on the rise and very affordable is SIRI. I was fortunate to get in at $.72 but even today at $1.12 it is a winner and will likely continue to gain in 2010. I'm not sure where it will go as we draw near the end of the year and the end of Howard Stern's contract so I may be cautious then but now it's riding high.

As with any advice your read, mine should be taken with a grain of salt. There's no better advice than your own provided you are educated in the market. Read, read, read and go with your own feeling. All I offer is my own predictions which I invite you to track to see how the gravy train does. Good luck and much success to all readers.

Disclosure: SLV hold, SIRI buy