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Riding the train, bumps and all

 Silver can certainly be a bumpy ride and the past two weeks are no exception but we're through the February tunnel and quite victorious. My call on February 12th was in with SLV at $15/share. This past week saw us fly to $16, slip to $15.50 but finishing out on the other side smiling with $16.07 per share or a 7% increase in just fourteen days (2 business weeks). 

The second leg of our triple play, ONP is holding steady with a nice finish to the week. This is another stock that rides the volatility train but seems to come out on top in the end. I'm looking for a ride in the black for March with ONP. Not sure how big a jump it will make since its been a bit shaky lately but I like the chances of a positive result as we move into spring. 

Our third brother in the triple play is SIRI. After an amazing run from .59 to 1.12, this stock seems to need a rest. Nothing wrong with or unexpected with a small pullback. There are probably a lot of SIRI holders that didn't even expect this run and are taking profits with a smile. I say good for them but the train keeps moving and I'm hanging on to SIRI. I'd love to see this triple play make a long-term run but at the same time I suggest we watch SIRI closely. If it dips into the mid .90s we may have to let it go for a bit. ONP and SLV are long term winners and I fully expect both to bring in profits as we move into spring. Back on the 12th when I called the $15 buy in for SLV I also suggested an $18 stop point for a $3 per share victory. I still go with that call. I'm also going to be very satisfied if ONP reaches old lucky $13 and suggest a stop there too. The triple play is in the works and if we're fortunate, we'll make it a triple cash-in victory by early spring. If not, we'll remain patient as these are winners. 

Remember, always take my advice and all others with a grain of salt. It's your own research and conclusions that matter the most. Stand clear of so called "experts" since they are simply looking to make money off of you. With a wealth of information out there at your fingertips and easy trading through online $7 per trade brokers, this is a great "do-it-yourself" climate. Those old charts and trends are of little value in our present market. Most "experts" are anything but, so put your money toward stocks, not stockbrokers and if you choose, feel free to ride the gravy train, no fees collected. Good Luck.

Disclosure: SIRI, SLV, ONP.... Hold ... and enjoy the ride