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New EBook Hits The Shelves " The Facebook IPO Primer"

'The Facebook IPO Primer' a digital mini-book, gives readers the basics on the most exciting high technology stock sale of the decade

Get the basics on how the stock market works through one of the greatest business stories of all time by expert financial journalist Nancy Miller

April 2012

"The Facebook IPO Primer" by Nancy Miller gives readers the ABCs of the stock market while detailing one of the most exciting business stories ever in a digital mini- book written for both stock market novices and sophisticates.

"The Facebook IPO Primer" relays the ups and downs of previous high tech marvels; gives insight into the Facebook culture and its business plans; reveals how financial analysts evaluate companies; and then provides tools for further research with an extensive Facebook linkfest. Through this treasure trove of information, "The Facebook IPO Primer" provides anyone thinking about investing in Facebook - or anyone who can't get enough of the Facebook story -- with the most important aspects of the Facebook narrative, helping readers to separate the razzle-dazzle from the nitty-gritty.

The ebook is comprised of four parts, which can be read in any order:

Part I: Stepping into the market for hot, new stocks: High hopes, big risks

An overview of the mania for high technology stocks and where Facebook might fit in.

Part II: Facebook and the Hacker Way: 'Move fast and break things'

A look at the culture and business plan at Facebook and how privacy issues challenge the company

Part III: The price of friendship

An exploration of how analysts can look at one the same company - Facebook - yet come up with five different ways to value it.

Part IV: The Facebook Linkfest

A round-up of links to the best news stories, blog posts, videos and infographics on the web

The basis for all investing is research. Famed investor Peter Lynch recommended that investors buy what they know and understand. "The Facebook IPO Primer" is the first

step in gaining a deeper understanding into a company whose products have seeped into everyone's daily lives, changing the way people share and connect.

"The Facebook IPO Primer" is published exclusively in ebook format by and is now available though and will soon be available through other popular booksellers.

Nancy Miller is a freelance financial journalist who has contributed to a number of publications, most recently Barron's and, Before taking time off to raise a family, she was chief corporate reporter at Knight-Ridder Financial News; real estate and markets reporter at USA Today, and managing editor of Quick Nikkei News, the first American-run newsroom for a subsidiary of Nikkei and QUICK Corp. of Japan.

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