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Jun. 12, 2018 11:59 PM ET
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  • Psychological Quality.
  • Tesla cost cutting.
  • Sogou risen.

1. The psychological quality is so important that it is the primary indicator of all the human activity. Increasing the leverage of decision making after a lot of complex research and study, but the final moment to pull the trigger is a complex psychological struggle. What makes it so difficult to make decisions about those very important events is that it is expected to suffer too much and will not able to withstand the pain of some time to come. That's why courage is so precious.

2. Many excellent investors have repeatedly stressed that psychology development is far more important than data analysis, that the ability to make decisions is a matter of determination and affordability, and that more decision support system improve accuracy in order to reduce risk. Multi dimension psychological development, such as many Marine Corps training programs, Start up competitions, and all kinds of real business espionage, every field of excellence is climbing out of countless intense metal and physical training. Never be a flower in a greenhouse.

3. Tesla plans to cut 9% of all the jobs in the company and further details on cost cutting move are expected shortly. Elon said it's difficult decision, and these cuts were almost entirely made form the salaries population and none production associates were included. It will not affect the ability to reach Model 3 production target in the coming months.

Tesla's cut in non-critical parts of it's business have helped to encourage the confidence of the investors and restore equity prices. These top intelligence teams have been able to Co-ordinate a large amount of raw materials to produce revolutionary product, and it's art.

4. The summit of KIM and TRUMP successful hold makes win-win. Of course it will greatly boosted global investor confidence in the US economy, and more money will continue to flow into the US market and investors will feel safer for the powerful ability of diplomacy and politics. There's no doubt that the US stock market will be pished higher. Such a historic event has greatly improved American's political standing, and China undoubtedly "won" again.

5. The share price of Sogou fell after the IPO because of weaker than expected performance and financial report, and it has recently risen sharply again, with investors seeing a rapid convergence between the search business and WeChat, and there is reason to believe that the search market share will be greatly enhanced in the future, more Chinese Internet users are disappointed with the search service BAIDU offers, and WeChat search service is the future.

6. Even the United States attract lots of money into its market, China remains a haven for global entrepreneurs, and more European capital is seeing opportunities to start its own business in China, China's huge market demand and unified market mechanisms have allowed a lot of entrepreneurial projects to have an infinite imagination, while Chinese residents are tolerant of new things, thanks to the cultivation of consumer habits and ideas over the past decade.

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