Revolutionary Omni Retailing - Bridge Between Retailer And Consumer

Jul. 14, 2017 2:32 PM ET
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  • Omni retailing is the new era where the gap between retailers and consumers is shortened
  • Smartlyne is a new company bridging the gap between retailer and consumers with latest cloud based technology

In the era of disruptive commerce models, the traditional offline stores are feeling the need to adopt latest technologies that are on offer. For online retailers, the primary challenge is to acquire a new customer, but for offline retailers, the primary challenge is to increase the lifetime value of their existing customers. So customer engagement is the key for successful offline retailing. But the cost of owning and operating technology has been a major hindrance for small retailers and middle segment retailers.

Even the big retailers who have deep pockets are struggling to keep pace with the disruptive changes in customer engagement activity and are slow to respond. But now, thanks to RIaaS technology service provided by SMARTLYNE, the retailers can now adopt and utilise the technology without owning and developing the same. This enables a quick adoption cycle and reduced expenses. Developed by Kuse Technologies Pvt Ltd, SMARTLYNE is the world's first RIaaS provider.How RIaaS works?

In the era of cost optimisation, the cloud hosted shared assets are being adopted aggressively. We have seen many technology companies offering generic services like SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service).  RIaaS (RetailInfrastructure as a Service) is a major leap in the retailing industry.With the help of RIaaS, retailers can intensify and increase the scopeof their engagement with the customer.

SMARTLYNE is in the business of upgrading the retailer from a Box pusher to a 360-degree service provider. SMARTLYNE RIaaS is a very affordable and pocket-friendly service for retailers of all sizes. It provides a retailer all the necessary virtual technology assets in a common shared infrastructure through the cloud and complements it with support services like supply chain, logistics, marketing content and virtual inventory. It helps the retailer to do
, Social Marketing, Reverse commerce, Grid commerce. 3000 retailers are already availing the SMARTLYNE services through subscription. The company plans to partner with 200,000 retailers in the next 3 years globally.

According to Prasanna Dixit, CEO "  The Offline market in India is a 600 billion dollar industry and lacks technology adoption and automation. With the GST, MAKE in INDIA and Digital India initiatives of the GOI, the timing is right for upgrading the retail industry to the next level by incorporating SMARTLYNE RIaaS. Already a lot of retailers especially in the mobility industry have subscribed to SMARTLYNE services including the biggest retail chains like Spice hot spot. Other players are also showing a keen interest in adopting SMARTLYNE".

One of the SMARTLYNE subscribed mobility retailer shared his experience like this "We used to earlier struggle with the variety we could offer to our consumer. We could not afford to physically display an inventory of all the products. We lost 20% of consumers, because of lack of variety of products, we could offer. Out customers were also developing a negative perception of our range of product offers. But thanks to SMARTLYNE, we now offer more than 300 mobility products as against only 40 that we offered earlier and too without the risk of investing in inventory. We also have the tools and ready content to keep our consumers engaged all year round". SMARTLYNE has 4 types of Subscription services to the retailers depending on their size and vertical.

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