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The Greatest American-Born Player, Ever…

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Hero's are those who have persevered and not only achieved but also excelled beyond expectations in their field, sport or industry. The greatest American-born hockey player, Mike Modano, recently retired from his sport after playing most of his career with the Dallas Stars. What makes a really great athlete is the same thing that makes anyone exceed beyond their wildest expectations; in both personal achievement and in personal financial success.  At a time when most people feel that their 401k's are now 201k's and IRA's are just not keeping up with even inflation, maybe a pep talk is needed?

Perception and vision: The greatest hockey player ever was Canadian Wayne Gretsky who when asked what he thought made him so successful Gretsky replied; “good hockey players skate to where the puck is, but great players skate to where the puck is going to be.”

And so it is and so it should be in everyday life and in setting up your personal budget or expense worksheet. To be successful in saving money you need to be cognizant of not just where you “are” but where you are heading. Often we do not really want to know the answer to where we are headed financially but it’s something that will ultimately make you great for yourself and for your family.  Be diligent and open your monthly IRA, 401k, 403b or roll over statements and stare that dragon down.

Amazing athletes didn't get to their lofty perches alone or without help. They had coaches and trainers… and so should you. Whether it’s simple income tax strategies, or using a CPA or book keeping service to get you on the right track, or simply creating a persoanl budget; assemble your team and get the best advice so that you can achieve personal financial greatness and peace of mind. Even our US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner proclaimed that he used Turbo Tax which resulted in careless and avoidable (and very embarrassing) mistakes in preparing his own tax return.  CPA's are abundant and are much more affordable than you may believe.

Seek out the resources that are free or very affordable to get you back on track to being fulfilled with the warmth of knowing that your financial well being is preserved. For answers to your questions about how to be great financially, contact for your free unbiased answers and advice on personal budgeting and consumer credit counseling.