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Potential Big News On The Horizon For Encrypgen

|About: Encrypgen USD (DNA-USD), Includes: BTC-USD


Encrypgen will present at the Exponential Healthcare Conference on Wednesday.

Approximately 100 decision makers in the HR space will be in attendance.

Opportunity to showcase how insurance paid genetic tests can be used on the Gene-Chain.

I've written about Encrypgen (DNA-USD) before but it seems the enthusiasm and momentum for the company's technology is quickly growing.  There have been several articles written about the company on both and Medium.  While the increasing enthusiasm has yet to be reflected in the token price, I have no doubt that it will be by the end of the year.

Investors should take note of several imminent catalysts that have the potential to boost the token price significantly:

  • Buy Now Button:  Encrypgen's developers are working feverishly to get a buy now button implemented.  The buy now button will allow researchers to convert FIAT directly into DNA tokens.  The DNA tokens can then be used to purchase consumer genetic data that has already been uploaded to the Gene-Chain.  From a business perspective, the FIAT that is used to purchase DNA tokens will be quickly converted into Bitcoin (BTC-USD) so that Encrypgen can fund operations and enhance its technology.  As the DNA tokens will be sold above market price on the Gene-Chain, this has the potential to generate significant profit for both the company and token holders.  It will also save research companies valuable time from having to go to small exchanges, set up accounts, and work orders in the market.  It's really the prime example of a win win situation for all parties involved.  Investors can expect the buy now button to be implemented within the next few weeks.
  • Version 1 of the Gene-Chain:  Back in August, Encrypgen released the beta version of its Gene-Chain platform.  The token soared in value on the announcement.  Imagine what will happen when the full version of the Gene-Chain is launched?  I expect similar price action and probably a lot more.  If you're not currently holding DNA tokens, I'm not sure what you're waiting for.  This is a perfect time to accumulate the token at an extremely undervalued price.

Another potential opportunity for good news is the upcoming Exponential Healthcare Conference that Encrypgen will be participating in.  This will take place on Wednesday, October 10.  While I normally don't pay much attention to conferences, this one has the potential to deliver some pretty impactful results.  

Once the buy now button is implemented, Encrypgen will be focused on accomplishing two things:

  • Convince researchers to use the Gene-Chain in order to purchase personal genetic data
  • Convince consumers to have their DNA tested and then upload the results to the Gene-Chain

    The Exponential Healthcare Conference will be a tremendous opportunity to accomplish that second goal.  There will be approximately 100 decision makers in the Human Resources space who will have an interest in how their employees can use their insurance paid genetic tests on the Gene-Chain.  The more consumers that upload their data to the Gene-Chain, the more valuable the entire platform becomes.  One goal that Encrypgen has is to have 5,000 data sets uploaded to the Gene-Chain within the next 12 months.  A very ambitious goal but one that can be accomplished by participating in conferences like this one.

    Disclosure: I am/we are long BTC-USD.