The Dendreon Blues...

May 07, 2010 4:51 PM ETDNDN, CYCC
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DNDN has become the bane of my existence!  lately,  I've been telling the story of how I watched DNDN tick up one night what... about a year ago or so?  My finger poised over the enter key ready to buy and yet  as I watched the stock rise steadily a thought kept me from the execution. The thought?  me: "Sh*t -  it's doubled  *wait* -  tripled already... I buy I lose!"   Yeah - it's like that every time I look at this stock. Me this past year:...  "$19 no way it's going higher..."  "$29? well that's it...."  "40? your killin' me!" " Fifty freakin' seven are you serious???"   So... ain't fooling me again.  I got your number now... I bought CYCC and ADXS - yeah that's IT!  No more mr. nice girl!  I got my little drift net of cancer hating mayhem just floating out there in the Over the Counter Sea of Love...


Disclosure: no DNDN, long ADXS and CYCC

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