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Aspire Mining's Testwork Confirms Ovoot As A High Quality Blending Coking Coal

Aspire Mining (ASX:AKM) has completed initial pilot coke tests using coal indicative of what will be produced at its mammoth Ovoot project in Mongolia, with tests confirming the project as a high quality blending coking coal.

"We are pleased with the initial coal quality indications for our Ovoot coking coal. This work has confirmed the attractiveness of adding Ovoot coking coal into coke blends. This is an important step which will now allow Aspire to progress commercialisation negotiations for future sales and funding," said Aspire's Managing Director, Mr David Paull.

Coke testwork using various blends was conducted including Australian hard coking coal, Australian low volatile, semi-soft coking coal coke breeze.

The test results show that Ovoot coking coal can be used to replace hard coking coal in a batch when using low quality semi-soft coking coal.

The test work also showed that in batches using up to 15% coking breeze, bathc coke strength improved by replacing prime hard coking coal with indicative Ovoot coking coal.

Yields were also noticeably higher with the addition of coking breeze.

The indicative samples were from adjacent Mogoin Gol Coal Mine, which currently produces unwashed coal, which is used for local thermal power as well as for export to the Russian steel industry.

Ovoot coal characteristics

Ovoot project coking coal has extremely high vitrinite content, which provides the coal with high fluidity and plastic properties and one of the highest Gray King Coke types available in the market.

This attribute indicates a superior blend carrying capacity and when combined with its relatively high rank it means coke producers can use the Ovoot product in blends with hard coking coal and weak caking coals to produce quality coke.


The coke oven testwork proves the high quality of Ovoot coal project. The testwork indicates the flexibility of the coal, which can be blended to both hard and weak semi-soft coke.

Of significance is its ability to carry coke breeze in a batch and turn this into quality coke at higher coke yields, which is an important value addition to the industry.

With the result, Aspire can tap both the Chinese markets as well as the Russian steel market and improve the overall quality of Mongolia's coal exports.

The takeway is that it is a further plank for Aspire to progress commercialisation negotiations for Ovoot for future sales and funding.

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