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Greenearth Energy generates sales for diesel engine clean energy technology in American Samoa

Greenearth Energy's (ASX: GER) has sold two PureCycle® Organic Rankine Cycle (NYSE:ORC) Turbines to New Zealand based partner Service Engineers Limited, to capture waste heat from diesel engines that are owned by the American Samoa Power Authority.

The PureCycle® ORC Turbine application will result in an additional 300kWe net, baseload, zero emissions power for American Samoa. This latest sale would provide a boost to Greenearth as it progresses its portfolio of clean energy solutions towards income generation.

The sale was made by Greenearth's wholly owned subsidiary Pacific Heat and Power Pty Ltd (PHP) to Service Engineers, who recently won a Turnkey contract, and the technology will commissioned in the first half 2012.

Mark Miller, managing director of Greenearth Energy, said "as the first diesel waste heat-to-energy project using ORC technology in the Pacific Islands we believe this will drive awareness and ultimately sales of this savvy technology."

"Our product technology offering, complimentary services and high calibre partners have the potential to deliver megawatts of base load zero emissions power from low value waste heat industrial process in Australia and the wider Pacific Rim."

The PureCycle® power system, developed by Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS), is a pre-engineered system that harnesses waste heat to generate electricity.

This results in a 280 kW on-site power generation system that requires no fuel input except heat in the form of hot water, low pressure steam, or thermal oil.

Based on a thermodynamic cycle known as the ORC, the PureCycle® power system converts low to moderate temperature resource fluids like water into electricity through vaporising and expanding a working fluid in a closed system.

PHP has a stable of technologies that can turn losses and inefficiencies into a valuable resource through making electricity for use on site or sale to the grid.

The products are based on proven world class technologies that provide customers with increased energy productivity, energy reliability, operational savings and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

American Samoa has a high dependency on diesel fuel as its primary power generation source, like most of its neighbours in the Pacific Rim.

Despite the relatively small scale of many of these Pacific Island generators, pre-engineered systems reduce the costs of implementing small scale waste heat recovery projects allowing communities to reduce their generation costs while at the same time positively impacting their emission levels.

The collaboration between PHP, Service Engineers and Pratt & Whitney Power Systems has provided the American Samoa Power Authority with an attractively priced diesel waste-to-clean energy total solution.