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OncoSec Medical unveils results of cancer studies using its ElectroOncology system

OncoSec Medical (OTCBB:ONCS) announced Monday the results of two clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer and head and neck cancer, using its OMS ElectroOncology system.

The company's phase 1 study treated 13 women with recurrent breast cancer, using its OMS ElectroChemotherapy system. Bleomycin, a chemotherapeutic agent, was administered using OncoSec's electroporation system, which increases the permeability of the body's cells, allowing for better intake of the drug.

The trial found that the therapy was safe and well-tolerated, with 75% of patients achieving a complete tumour response rate. At the 24-week follow-up period, 83% of patients had achieved complete response.

OncoSec Medical Director, Dr. Paul Goldfarb commented: "The result of this Phase I trial indicates the potential for this local treatment of recurrent breast cancer following partial or complete mastectomy and merits further evaluation."

The company also reported the preliminary results of its phase IV study of head and neck cancer, which enrolled 92 patients across Europe, following up with 66 subjects for up to two years.

Of the patients enrolled, 76% suffered from primary tumours, while 23% suffered from recurrent cancers. Patient survival was 95% at eight months, and 86% at 24 months. In addition, 83% of patients with primary tumours were disease-free at eight months.

Commenting on the results, Dr. Lennart Lofgren, principal investigator at Obrebro University Hospital said: "This simple and novel delivery of bleomycin, an approved chemotherapeutic agent, through reversible electroporation has shown a marked improvement in potency, while delivering a much lower and safer concentration of the drug."

OncoSec's ElectroOncology enhanced delivery system uses a form of cell membrane stimulation known as electroporation to deliver a proven chemotherapy or an immunotherapy. These therapies can effectively treat cancerous tumors and cancerous cells in the predominantly healthy tissue around the tumor while reducing or eliminating detrimental treatment outcomes associated with other "standard of care" therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

On the OTC Bulletin Board, OncoSec shares slipped 2.33% as of 11:22 am EDT, to trade at $0.42.