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Eden Energy's technical breakthrough boosts concrete strengthening opportunities

Eden Energy (ASX: EDE) has refined its existing technology to produce a product that is even stronger with better reinforcing properties, which could be a major boon for the company's concrete aspirations.

Eden, through U.S. subsidiary Hythane Company, produces carbon nanotubes and nanofibers that can be added to concrete and other products to increase flexural strength, and used in electrical applications due to its conductive qualities.

In a big step for the company, Hythane has successfully produced high-quality multi-wall carbon nanotubes, which feature higher strength and better conductivity than industrial-grade carbon nanotubes.

In addition, the refined nanotubes hold together better during dispersion and maintain the ratio of length to width, offering greater levels of reinforcement as well as allowing for lower loadings for electrical conductivity.

Importantly, Eden will be able to manufacture these refined nanotubes in the order of tons per year, which complements the existing process used to create large quantities of industrial grade nanotubes.

Eden is already on its way to achieving commercial production of industrial grade nanotubes in early 2012, with testing of the product in reinforcing products such as concrete giving strong results.

With the potential to reduce material requirements and costs for the construction sector, Eden hopes the concrete market will become a major part of its customer base.

These refined nanotubes increase Eden’s product range and allow the company to explore more opportunities with a wider range of companies and applications.

The company’s existing industrial-grade nanotube technology has actual or potential applications in areas such as concrete and rubber reinforcement, as well as conductive plastics and paints or coatings and in batteries.