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ARHT Media Reveals World's First Holographic 3D TV Without The Need For Special Glasses

|Includes: Arht Media, Inc. (ARHTF)

ARHT Media (CVE:ART)(OTCQB:ARHTF), a company which makes digital human holograms, has unveiled its new line of digital display products called ARHT TV, representing its next step in the development of its multi-plane projection displays.

With the new line, ARHT TV viewers can conduct commerce and have interactive experiences with the company's digital human holograms, also known as HumaGrams, anywhere a standard LCD TV can be used.

"We are happy to announce this incredible technology - it's truly a huge leap forward for advanced visualization," said chief executive officer Paul Duffy.

"With ARHT TV we have another scalable, transportable and highly repeatable suite of robust end-points for the ARHT platform.

"With our Human-to-HumaGram interactivity, proximity based e-commerce and the huge trove of proximity based analytics captured with each ARHT TV, we feel very confident this will be a strong contributor to an already formidable technology stack."

The technology used in each ARHT TV involves a patent-pending multi-plane visualization technology, the company said, synchronized to display a HumaGram and virtually any object or scene in 3D with "perfect HD clarity, creating a particular form of 3D without glasses and delivering a true augmented reality holographic experience."

ARHT's groundbreaking HumaGram platform, which allows humans to interact with the HumaGrams, opens up a wide range of applications - from concerts to retail stores and tradeshows. The platform also ties up seamlessly with the idea of proximity marketing and e-commerce.

With it, celebrity holograms can be created and placed in window displays and other high traffic destinations, drawing customers into a region of proximity and offering them a value proposition.

For example, the HumaGrams can deliver a message on a particular product tilted towards the viewer's level of interest, then offer up the ability to buy the product right there on the spot through a QR code, an SMS text or side load of a coupon to the retailer's mobile app on a smartphone.

The new TV line will allow the company's HumaGrams to be displayed on any LCD TV.

The early stage Toronto-based company has achieved a number of milestones lately, having amassed a board of advisors which boasts a myriad of household names including Paul Anka, Larry King, Jason Bateman, Richard Bronson, Michael Buble, Carlos Slim, Kevin O'Leary and entertainment manager Irving Azoff.