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Success Coach Tony Robbins Is First 3D Hologram Speaker To Be Featured Using ARHT Media Technology

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A 3D hologram of world famous success coach Tony Robbins will headline the Business Mastery seminar in Melbourne on June 20-24. Robbins will be speaking live in Miami, Florida and appear before Australian audiences as a HumaGram (NYSE:TM) thanks toARHT Media (CVE:ART) (OTCPK:ARHTF) and Success Resources Global Ltd. (ASX-SGU), which have joined forces to offer their clients holographic and proximity interactivity services.

ARHT, which creates digital human holograms known as HumaGrams, provides customized applications and distribution of ARHT's Augment Reality Holographic Technology Platform in for the growing educational seminar market while Success Resources Global (NYSE:SRG) is one of the world's leaders in the educational seminar and event management market with such clients as President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson and Tony Robbins in its A-list roster.

"I've experienced the HumaGram technology first-hand and it's truly amazing. It is going to revolutionise the event industry for everyone involved. I never thought I'd be presenting in 3D, let alone potentially in many places at once. It needs to be seen to be believed," said Tony Robbins.

ARHT's ground breaking HumaGram platform can generate celebrity holograms that can be placed in window displays and other high traffic destinations, drawing customers into a region of proximity, offering a unique experience.

HumaGrams can deliver a message on a particular product tilted towards the viewer's level of interest, then offer up the ability to buy the product right there on the spot through a QR code, an SMS text or side load of a coupon to the retailer's mobile app on a smartphone.

"Our HumaGrams are so advanced that they could be straight out of a sci-fi movie! The goal of this technology however remains to make life easier. With a majority of consumers running their lives with more and more technology, an application like a HumaGram coach has the potential to make history," said ARHT Media's advisory board member, renowned talk-show host Larry King.

Together, SRG and ARHT have developed a global license and distribution partnership, implementing ARHT's holographic display technology in a variety of applications. The product delivers one or more in real-time as HumaGrams to display stages. This can occur simultaneously both on and off stage or as personal one-on-one sessions for such purposes as product and brand advertising, event promotion, attendee monetization from point-of-sale and direct-to-smartphone offers.

In a statement, ARHT says that augmented reality has been forecast by some to generate $120 billion in revenue by 2020 and Australia stands at the cutting edge of this medium.

"This is the future of speaking engagements, especially with big name coaches. Through our HumaGrams, the opportunity for global reach for celebrity informers and entertainers in particular is endless. What makes this technology even more special is its ability to facilitate not one but multiple telecasts at the same time. So, Tony Robbins could be delivering his coaching from his home, while he is simultaneously 'beamed' to multiple locations, and even telecast speaking different languages. These telecasts can be followed by live Q&A sessions to give the audiences more intimate interaction with the speaker," said ARHT's CEO Paul Duffy.

ARHT's partnership with Success Resources Global will serve as a launch-pad for the HumaGram technology and to discover new ways of exploiting its capabilities. The Tony Robbins seminar will serve as a "landmark" introduction of HumaGrams according to Success Resources Global's CEO, Michael Burnett, who adds that this event:

"Will open up a new era in communication for a host of markets. "As well as engagements for high-profile motivational speakers and entrepreneurs, HumaGrams will provide a massive boost for the knowledge and information sectors, which are becoming more important for our economy by the day….This advanced technology can also become a powerful teaching tool, with realistic-looking guest appearances of world-renowned speakers in universities and schools. We can bring HumaGrams to any form of speaking engagement - keynote addresses from the podium, political speeches, debates or lectures, it's all possible."

ARHT's has achieved a number of milestones lately, having amassed a board of advisors which boasts a myriad of household names including Paul Anka, Larry King, Jason Bateman, Richard Branson, Michael Buble, Carlos Slim, Kevin O'Leary and entertainment manager Irving Azoff. In December, ARHT unveiled its first big retail partnership with Harry Rosen, one of Canada's largest menswear retailers, to create its first-ever human hologram named Vincent.