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Soil Sub Technologies Updates Market On Progress Of Fertiliser Trials

Soil Sub Technologies (ASX: SOI) is progressing trials of its Nutrimix Organic product with initial testing yielding positive results.

Trials are being conducted on a 4 hectare crop of forage sorghum.

The trial includes a control area where no fertiliser has been added, an area where conventional chemical fertiliser has been applied, and an area where Nutrimix Organic Mix was applied.

In addition to improved yields, the use of organic fertiliser has been shown to increase and maintain the soil's organic carbon content to allow for future production increases by farmers.

In the trial, about 920 kilograms per hectare of organic matter was used, theoretically adding over half a tonne per hectare of organic carbon.

The application rates for both treatments were established using soil analysis and taking into account the crops requirements.

Throughout the growing period, leaf samples were systematically taken from all blocks in three growth stages. This enabled comparisons to be made on nutrient uptake.

A second series of soil samples were taken after harvest to analyse nutrient removal from each treatment. A second series of yield testing is to be completed.

Due to positive results from the trial, Soil Sub Technologies has extended the range of Nutrimix products that may be developed to include Organic Nitrogen, Organic Phosphorus and Soluble Organic Nitrogen.

Organic Nitrogen

Soil Sub Technologies will apply a quantity of the organic nitrogen to the forage sorghum crop before applying the remainder to a young lettuce crop as a nitrogen supplement.

Lettuce will be planted in the Lockyer Valley in mid-March and will take about 6-7 weeks to crop.

Samples are expected to be taken in the first and third week after initial planting and again prior to harvesting.

Organic Soluble Nitrogen

Soil Sub Technologies has now successfully sourced a soluble organic nitrogen, which can be dissolved, injected into an irrigation system, and stored and supplied in a solid state and dissolved as required.

The company is now undertaking a trial of soluble organic nitrogen on tomato crops with the first sample to be taken this month.

A second sample will be taken in early April and a third in mid-May.

IEM Technology

IEM consultants PT Teguh Perkasa Utama have been analysing the effect of the IEM technology on the breakdown process of the proprietary Nutrimix raw materials to facilitate a faster rate of production.

The raw materials used in the IEM accelerated trials were Paunch and other wastes of similar characteristics and nutrient profile to provide a broader availability of this material at a reduced cost.

The most economical cost, which was based on a ratio of 1:1:1, for the accelerated IEM trial over the course of 10 days, and resulted in suitable base material for the second phase of trials and also a concentrated liquid by-product.

The initial results now allow for the addition of the post reactor product to form a small trial on an existing crop and, should this be successful, a larger trial using controlled and uncontrolled sample areas.