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Klick's Co-Founder And CEO, Leerom Segal, Appears As A HumaGram, Using ARHT Media Technology

|Includes: Arht Media, Inc. (ARHTF)

Just days after talk show host Larry King appeared as a HumaGram at Klick Health's Klick Ideas Exchange' in Philadelphia, earlier this week, it was Klick's co-founder and CEO, Leerom Segal's turn to appear as a HumaGram, using technology from ARHT Media(CVE:ART) (OTCPK:ARHTF).

Segal's HumaGram, a fully interactive and intelligent human hologram, introduced the keynote speaker Dr. Eric Topol, MD, Director of Scripps Translational Science Institute; former Chair of Cleveland Clinic's Department of Cardiovascular Medicine; and author of 'The Patient Will See You Now', at the 2015 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia.

BIO is the world's largest and most prestigious biotechnology event and hosts participants from 62 countries including delegations from governments, regulatory agencies and patent offices among others. This is ARHT's second major Klick organized event featuring HumaGrams, after establishing a partnership a few weeks ago.

ARHT Media's HumaGrams bring 3D holographic and proximity marketing technology to enhance Klick's healthcare marketing efforts through applications that provide high-impact content for speaking engagements, medical conferences and other healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology events.

As HumaGrams the experts can interact with people just like they would face-to-face, alongside interactive visual aids to enhance the experience, participating in multiple speaking engagements, across different countries, at the same time, either live or pre-recorded in what ARHT calls 'holo porting'.

Holo porting is similar to simulcasting but gives participants a rich, fully interactive experience that feels the same as having a hologram physically present as a human.

Together, ARHT and Klick facilitate the showcasing of high-impact content at healthcare speaking engagements, medical conferences and other pharmaceutical and biotechnology events.

ARHT's 3D Displays enhance visual aids, making for creative and interactive content. Moreover, ARHT collects proximity marketing data through a full suite of proximity analytics included in their holographic solutions, providing insights from the number of people seeing the content to details about engagement, among other metrics.

"Being at an event at the heart of the U.S. Biopharma industry, with the ability to present the kind of technology that will be the future of digital health, is an honor. Leerom Segal presenting as a HumaGram is a great example of how leaders in healthcare, bio and big Pharma can unlock the potential to be in multiple locations across the globe, at the same time, through our "Holo-porting" technology, with full interactivity, just like you would have with a human being," said ARHT Media's CEO, Paul Duffy.

ARHT, which creates digital human holograms known as HumaGrams, provides customized applications and distribution of ARHT's Augment Reality Holographic Technology Platform in for the growing educational seminar market. The HumaGrams help create a more immersive experience while the company's dynamic interactive visual aids are particularly suitable in the field of healthcare education.

ARHT's patent pending Augment Reality Holographic Technology involves multi-plane visualization, synchronized to display a HumaGram and virtually any object or scene in 3D with HD clarity without the need for special glasses. Moreover, the HumaGrams can be telecasted anywhere in the world, including to multiple places simultaneously, in real-time and in high-definition 3D.

Established in 1997, Klick Health is part of the Klick Inc., a family of companies bringing together technology and marketing strategies. It is the world's largest independent health agency, focused on engaging and educating healthcare providers about life-saving treatments while helping patients better manage their health.

ARHT has achieved a number of milestones lately. On June 2, world famous success coach Tony Robbins headlined the Business Mastery seminar in Melbourne on June 20-24, speaking live in Miami, Florida and appearing before the Australian audience as a HumaGram.

ARHT has amassed a board of advisors which boasts a myriad of household names including Paul Anka, who is also the Chairman and a founding partner, Larry King, Jason Bateman, Richard Bronson, Michael Buble, Carlos Slim, Kevin O'Leary and entertainment manager Irving Azoff.