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IBM inks five year business transformation deal with India's UTV Software Communcation

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has won a five-year deal to provide India’s UTV Software Communications with “various business transformation initiatives” to help the media and entertainment conglomerate sharpen its focus on its core media business.

“IBM will help UTV streamline the company's finance and accounts, rights management, procurement, projects, material management and other key functions with an enterprise-wide SAP solution,” IBM stted. “For UTV the objective of this deal is to provide a customer-centric operating environment that delivers quality, cost-effective information services, reducing total cost of ownership and providing security compliance while enabling the company to focus on its core business.”

The contract will also see IBM supply India’s first cloud-enabled email system, via its LotusLive Inotes email services. “… LotusLive iNotes cloud service is well-suited for businesses of all sizes, many of which have discovered the convenience and savings of free or low-cost Web-based email services but have grown weary of service outages, distracting advertisements or security and privacy concerns that can impact employee productivity and confidence.”

UTV currently operates in broadcasting, TV content, game content, motion pictures and new media.

IBM said the contract will also be expanded to include broadcast management systems, content management systems and intellectual property rights management.

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