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Lithium Australia NL Primed For Drilling Near Mt Cattlin Lithium Mine

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) has defined two key areas for first drilling on the southern portion of its lithium prospective Ravensthorpe tenements, several kilometres from Galaxy Resources (ASX:GXY) and General Mining Corporation's operating Mt Cattlin lithium mine.

The exploration target within Ravensthorpe for lithium mineralisation has a size range from 525,00t to 1,281,000t and grade range of 0.8% - 1.2%.

The first target is contained within the project's Horseshoe Prospect, where the main focus is the Horseshoe #1 and Horseshoe #2 pegmatites, the primary source rock for lithium.

A maiden drill program of up to 35 drill-holes is scheduled once approvals confirmed.

Adrian Griffin, managing director, commented:

"It is indeed significant that so much un-touched lithium mineralization is sitting on the surface, within kilometres of the Galaxy-General Mining lithium operations.

"The more we look, the more of these less-common lithium minerals we find, and what has been the constraint to adding them to inventory?

"It has been the cost of processing.

"The Sileach™ process puts an end to the energy intensive process of roasting to recover lithium from silicates.

"Lithium Australia can use its 100% owned Sileach™ process to recover lithium from all lithium silicates, including spodumene."

Importance of Sileach™

Lithium Australia plans to use the Sileach™ process to unlock stranded lithium deposits on a global basis.

Sileach™ is the start of a processing revolution that will lower the cost curve for the production of lithium chemicals from spodumene, and open the door for the less conventional mica deposits.

Griffin added: " We see the cost of hard rock lithium chemical production rivalling that of the low-cost the brine producers and we have the technology to make that happen.

"The Horseshoe Pegmatite is a great example and I look forward to the forthcoming exploration campaign."

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