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Murdock Capital Graphite Symposium: Focus Metals, Strike Graphite, Galaxy Capital and more

Looking for an investment in graphite? Murdock Capital Partners is hosting a Symposium Series on the metal on May 4th in New York.

Graphite, an allotrope - or different physical form - of carbon, is a good conductor of electricity and heat with a temperature resistance above 3,500 degrees Celsius - the same temperature as the outer atmosphere of the sun.

Unlike other metals, when heated, it does not expand.

The metal, like its sibling diamond, is one of the strongest and hardest materials in the natural world and is used in a wide range of products.

As the graphite market bubble grows, so does investor interest and scrutiny of a mining sector bedeviled historically by supply/demand cycles, aided and abetted by China's overwhelming market influence.

The United States, Europe and China regard graphite as a critical material for future industrial growth. Global markets know this fact and the response has been an explosion of interest, investment and growth in new graphite mine development.

At the Murdock event, Zenyatta Ventures (CVE:ZEN), Strike Graphite (CVE:SRK), Galaxy Capital Corp (CVE:GXY), Standard Graphite (CVE:SGH), Flinders Resources (CVE:FDR) and Focus Metals (CVE:FMS) will be presenting.

Focus's Lac Knife, Quebec natural flake deposit holds the highest grade of graphite in the world. The company's NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate validated its 16% grading and its commercial bragging rights to that claim.

Most, if not all of Focus' production, is destined for niche, high demand, technology applications and in particular, it holds fine-mesh graphite destined for the lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

The company also anticipates demand for its particular graphite from the international scientific and industrial development communities engaged in graphene research.

Focus Metals holds a 40 percent interest in Grafoid Inc., a graphene investment, research and development and patenting joint venture.

For a schedule of Murdock's symposium, please see below. The symposium will be held at the Solarium - 3 West Club, 3 West 51st Street, New York, NY 10019, on Friday May 4, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT.

To register for the event, visit

Symposium Schedule:

8 AM registration and continental breakfast
8:45 Opening Remarks: Tom Dean
President Murdock Capital Partners

9:00 Symposium Kickoff: Byron W. King
Agora Financial, LLC
Editor, Energy & Scarcity Investor, and Outstanding Investments "The Astonishing World of Graphite -- and How We Can Go There and Make Some Money..."

9:30 Cell Phone Break

9:45 Zenyatta Ventures, Ltd.
10:15 Strike Graphite
10:45 Cell Phone Break
11:00 Galaxy Capital Corp.
11:30 Standard Graphite

12:00 Keynote Luncheon Speaker: Dr. Gordon Chiu, M.SCi, Chief Scientist, Grafoid, Inc.
"Graphine/Graphite in the Technology Food chain"

1:00 Focus Metals
1:30 Flinders Resources
2:10 Dessert and Coffee Served

2:30 Panel Discussion: "Graphite: are we all on the same page?"
Panelists: Ben Axler, Sprucepoint Capital
Chris Berry, House Mountain Capital
Dan Sovel, Tokeneke Research LLC

3:00 Official Close with One on One Meetings, Networking