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Greenearth Energy's CO2 To Fuel Technology Clears Lab Trials, Partner Starting Industrial Scale Test

Greenearth Energy (ASX: GER) and its Israeli partner NewCO2Fuels has successfully proven their carbon dioxide to fuel conversion technology in laboratory trials and are now moving to test it on an industrial scale.

NewCO2Fuels is currently building a solar reactor to convert the CO2 on an industrial scale in collaboration with the Canadian Institute for the Energies and Applied Research at the Weitzman Institute of Science.

"We are delighted with the progress being made by our Israel based technology partners and believe that our laboratory proven CO2 to Fuel conversion technology has the potential to further utilise our State's (Victoria) vast brown coal resources into the future," Greenearth managing director Mark Miller said.

"Our aim is to prove our breakthrough technology on an industrial scale while working collaboratively with Government and industry to ultimately produce energy in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way possible."

Greenearth had previously said the technology could allow Victoria to further use of its brown coal resources while keeping emissions manageable.

While Victoria already uses brown coal for 85% of its power generation, lowering its emissions could pave the way for other uses including exports.


Greenearth's technology involves a new method of using concentrated solar energy for the dissociation of carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbon monoxide (NYSE:CO) and oxygen (O2). The same system can also dissociate water (H2O) to hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), at the same time it dissociates the CO2.

The CO, or the mixture of CO and H2 called Syngas, can then be used as gaseous fuel in power plants, or converted to liquid fuel such as methanol.

Existing power plants, cement factories and other emitting industries could provide the CO2 for the process and the resulting fuel could potentially be recycled back into the plant from which it was created or be utilised as transportation fuel

This would substantially reduce CO2 emissions.

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