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Avia Health Informatics subsidiary launches first product in MobileAssess range

Clinical decision support systems developer and provider Avia Health Informatics’ (LON:AVIA) subsidiary Plain Healthcare has launched the first product in the Odyssey MobileAssess range as part of its international growth strategy.

The new product, Odyssey MarineAssess, is specifically targeted at the global cargo shipping companies and is designed to assist them in saving the considerable costs associated with diversion or evacuation of a vessel in the event of injury to or illness of a crew member.

This product is supposed to be used by the ship's captain or master in the event of a crew illness or injury when the ship is located many miles offshore with limited or no communication. Avia stated that shipping companies could achieve considerable cost savings by avoiding a diversion or evacuation scenario. This MobileAssess range utilises the core clinical decision support solutions together with touchscreen technology on tablet and mobile devices.

“We feel the new MarineAssess product and the rest of the MobileAssess range, which is designed to work with state of the art touchscreen technology, will enable us to realise our objectives in our target markets in the UK and internationally,” said Avia chairman Barry Giddings.

Plain Healthcare is currently cooperating with its partners in the shipping industry to sell and deploy the product.
The company is looking to further increase its product range for use by non-clinicians in areas where clinical decision support is often difficult to obtain or not easily available and is working to add further clinical content relevant to the different settings the products will be used.

Other Odyssey MobileAssess touchscreen applications currently on trial include the provision of clinical decision support for paramedics, police, EMTs, mining, aviation, remote workers and other related applications.