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Additional Rail Freight data

Updated April 1

Firstly charts of the two broad categories, intermodal and carloads.

The growth in intermodal freight is driven by increased import/export activity as indicated by the correlation with container movements shown here:

Here is the carload data:

Previously people have said coal should be excluded from the carload data but I note that in week 12 coal shipments jumped substantially relative to 2008. Presumably people want it back in there now.

Below are charts of the 18 categories that the Association of American Railroads [AAR] report. For YOY comparisons I don't believe that smoothing of this data is necessary. For example it is quite clear that changes occur in some categories over memorial day, July 4, labor day, thanksgiving, and Christmas/New year. I don't see the need to try and smooth these drops in activity away. In the charts below the color code is the same as in the charts above:

2007 -- black;
2008 -- orange;
2009 -- green;
2010 -- blue.

Click on the images to get better resolution.

Updated April 1.

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