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Post (next) crash strategies

I've just returned from Peru where, walking through some of the isolated villages in the Andes reachable only by foot or by donkey, I was reminded of some of Marc Faber's recommendations about how to prepare for the doom and gloom that he sees on the horizon.

For those pondering a post economic Armageddon scenario it seems to me that stocking up on canned food is overrated. It will eventually run out. Also bomb shelters seem over the top unless an economic collapse leads to a total loss of law and order and/or war.

Observing subsistence farmers in Peru it seems like a lot can be said for having a small plot of fertile land somewhere, preferably close to running water, and a couple of donkeys. Choose a climate that doesn't fluctuate too much so that you can get crops all year round. Grow potatoes for starch. Meat? Well sources of meat might be too valuable alive, certainly donkeys for carrying stuff, ox for ploughing fields, cows for milk, goats, sheep for fibers. These animals seem like they will be too valuable to eat. Maybe the post-Armageddon world will see us all as vegetarians relying on beans and legumes for protein with an occasional meat supplement from an aging donkey.

So I'm wondering what necessities people believe they would need to have at hand in the event of a transition to subsistence farming? I'd probably want to have a water still or some means to sterilize water, maybe solar sterilization. A good supply of seeds to get me started. Some knowledge of how to build a mud brick or stone house/hut. What other things should I need and what crops should I plant? Any ideas?

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