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To Loss This Stock OR To Loss My Money?

Hey guys,

Ok, so,

Yes, you can buy or sell stock, and you can make money any time.

But from my practical experience,

The above line is talking about big professional traders, I'm not talking about us.

When i say "us" I'm talking about me, and about all other traders that want to make 40% profit per year, without loss it.

Traders that play on all 251 trading days per year, need to be very professional, and with big money in pocket to be ready for loss.

MY STOCK TRADING ROBOT analyzes the market to found stocks with LOW-RISK & GOOD TIMING = 40% profit per year.

To make this target came true overtimes - you must stay objective with the market and know that in some cases you will need to stay out of the market, for some days.

Today - I'm stay out of the market, for ~1week.

I will back to analyzes the market with my stock trading robots by next few days.

Keep follow me.