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Cannabis Is An INTERNATIONAL CRAZE: Profits Are Waiting!

Global changes await the cannabis industry, and investors are getting whipped into a frenzy with excitement and anticipation of huge market gains. It’s the right place to be in the markets now, with policy changes making access to cannabis easier than ever – not just in North America, but internationally.

Fact: by 2024, spending on legal cannabis is expected to reach $63.5 billion worldwide. There’s no stopping this consumer trend, which is clearly just going to get more intense in the coming years:

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As you can see, anybody who bets against the international cannabis market is basically saying good-bye to their money. Personally, I’m taking the sensible side of this trade, which means an investment in a market that’s poised for tremendous growth due to changes in government policies and consumer attitudes.

According to the Wealth Research Group analyst team’s latest findings, the best way to play this fast-growing market is to concentrate on companies with the ability to legally export the product in multiple nations. A multinational focus makes perfect sense because the cannabis movement isn’t contained to just one region or demographic segment.

Better yet, if a firm can create a rich portfolio of top-tier cannabis companies in targeted nations for the legalized cannabis market, that’s a winning formula for the business as well as for investors. Synthesizing the best elements of premier cannabis companies throughout the cannabis production and distribution vertical would be a smart way to capture multiple streams of revenue.

Wealth Research Group actually did identify a firm with that business model: International Cannabis Corp. (CSE:WRLD), a company that specializes in the acquisition and operation of international cannabis assets.

Based in Canada, the heart of the cannabis legalization movement, International Cannabis Corp. (ICC) believes in global cultivation – not only of legal cannabis, but also of great companies that profit from it.

Through its subsidiaries, ICC has numerous agreements in place for European-based pharmaceutical distribution, wholesale importation, research and development, as well as working interests in industrial hemp licenses.

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Right now, ICC is operating in regions that are ideal for the emerging legalized cannabis market. In Denmark, for instance, ICC controls licenses for cannabis cultivation and manufacturing; in Greece, the firm has working interests in an industrial hemp license; and in Colombia and Africa, ICC possesses licenses to cultivate, produce, distribute, store, and export cannabis and cannabis products.

The numbers behind this company are nothing less than spectacular. I’ll let you read them for yourself:

Courtesy of International Cannabis Corp. Investor Presentation

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you: yes, that’s 35,000 pharmacies being represented by ICC, and a 55,000-square-foot greenhouse preparing to be constructed in cannabis-friendly Denmark. Every piece of data that we’ve received has been fantastic for ICC, from the highly experienced management team to the massive breadth of the distribution network.

Wealth Research Group is very happy to bring you this, our latest and best stock pick in the global cannabis market. International Cannabis Corp. and shares of WRLD stock are your best investment right now for terrific returns in the new age of legal cannabis.