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The Pest Control Industry Is A Big Bugger.


Annual revenue in the pest control industry has been increasing every year and the current revenue forecast is expected to reach over 13 billion dollars.

Pests have become one of the everyday problems that we deal with in our homes. They are a a problem to residential home owners, industrial sites, and even in parks and recreational areas. Pests cause great damage and lead to contamination of foods, damage to building materials such as timber and wood, which also leads to deterioration of the economy and even deadly diseases. The pest control problem has lead to the success and profitability of the pest control industry which provides pest control services. Even the United States government has to set aside funds to be used for the control of pests. 

This article will therefore review the pest control industry, the amount of money spent on pest control services and how money can be saved. 

Pest Control Industry 

The National Pest Management Professional Association is the largest industry association for pest management. Hundreds of thousands of companies exist in the United States alone that provide pest control services such as Terminix, truly nolen and Dr. Bug . There are even specialty services for removal of iguanas. Some of these industries offer customer services 24 hours a day to ensure customers safety and comfort.

Money Spent 

The annual industry revenue has been increasing every year and the current forecast of revenue is expected to reach over 13 billion dollars. In 2015 the total amount of revenue was roughly 11.9 billion dollars, in 2016 it increased to 12.2 billion dollars and 2017 it amounted to 12.5 billion dollars. 

How to Save Money 

If you do your own pest control, you can save a lot of money. This can be done by; 

i. Learning about the basics of pest control. 

ii. Always keeping your house clean. 

iii. Checking your drainage systems and if there are any leakages, fix them

iv. Making use of the easier methods to get rid of pests like spray insecticides and tablets. However before using these chemicals, make sure to read the instructions. 

In summary, with the increase of pests’ infestations in homes and businesses, you don’t have to rely on a pest control company to come help you with your pests and in case you are wondering, no they do not remove mother in laws.  

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