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Sun Pacific Technologies Supporting Renewable Energy Solutions

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It is our opinion Sun Pacific could have significant upside potential as the stock moves from weak hands to strong hands.

Sun Pacific's Street Smart Outdoor subsidiary maintains advertising space on more than 1000 bus shelter faces, bus benches, smart solar digital shelters and solar trash bins.

Sun Pacific launched a Medical Waste to Energy project in Johnston, Rhode Island that could process up to 70 tons of medical waste per day.

Sun Pacific has developed a light weight, non-glass solar panel that weighs about half of traditional glass panels and cost 40% less to build.

Company Overview

Sun Pacific Holding Corp (OTCPK:SNPW) specializes in solar and waste to energy technologies by designing, developing, building, and managing advanced technologies that support renewable energy solutions. Sun Pacific Holding came public via reverse merger at $0.20 and traded as high as $0.82. The share count has only slightly increased from 57,608,595 to 62,506,697 and management owns 55.71 percent. According to a recent press release there have been no conversions, so it appears someone involved in the shell has been the seller. This could be a tremendous buying opportunity for investors who are willing to take the risk.  

Sun Pacific Power provides solar powered bus shelters, solar powered LED trash bins, solar products and lighting products. Sun Pacific's next generation solar power bus shelters and energy efficient lighting solutions offer customers turnkey systems that reduce the total costs of ownership while being environmentally friendly. Sun Pacific recently announced plans to develop a light weight, non-glass solar panel. Sun Pacific Holding Corp is headquartered out of Manalapan, NJ. For more information, visit

Investment Highlights

  • Sun Pacific’s Street Smart Outdoor subsidiary currently maintains advertising space on more than 1000 bus shelter faces, bus benches, smart solar digital shelters and solar trash bins.
    • Sun Pacific has a 10-year contract with Star Metro Transportation Authority in Tallahassee, FL to provide more than 1000 bus shelters and benches.
    • Street Smart Outdoor has also formally signed a 10-year contract with the state of Rhode Island Transportation Authority to manage and sell advertising space on over 730 bus shelter faces.
  • In February of 2018 Sun Pacific announced plans to build a Medical Waste to Energy project in Johnston, Rhode Island. The facility would be capable of processing up to 70 tons of medical waste per day, while generating electricity that could be sold back into the electrical grid.
    • The Medical Waste to Energy project in Rhode Island is the first of several planned. Sun Pacific has set up subsidiary that will operate under MEDRECYCLER for these projects.
    • Bank debt financing has been sourced and is currently under review, along with the option of working with the State of Rhode Island to allow the Company to use bond funding alternatives.
    • Three established medical waste haulers have entered into letters of intent with Sun Pacific to provide the facility for an initial minimum period of three years, which would guarantee the sourcing of medical waste for the facility to operate independently.
    • Terms, planning, and other arrangements have been agreed to with the equipment manufacturer, along with a time table, which pending completion of the debt financing in the near term, would allow for an early 2019 revenue generating start date.
  • Sun Pacific recently announced plans to develop a light weight, non-glass solar panel that weighs about half of traditional glass panels and cost 40% less to build. The Company has filed an application for a patent.
    • The U.S. Government recently imposed tariffs of 30 percent on Chinese solar panels sold into the U.S. China has been the largest provider of the glass solar panels used in most installations here in the U.S. providing 80% of the panels.
    • Sun Pacific has announced plans to build a U. S. based manufacturing operation and is in an excellent position to benefit from these tariffs.
  • As mentioned previously, Sun Pacific Holding Corp management and directors own 55.71 percent of the shares outstanding.
  • Sun Pacific Power has eight world-wide manufacturing and assembly locations including five in the United States.
  • Sun Pacific Holding Corp posted a $0.13 per share loss for 2017 on revenues of $1.25 million.

Market Opportunity

  • According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, last year in the United States about 4,015 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) (or 4.01 trillion kWh) of electricity were generated at utility-scale facilities.
  • Fossil fuels, like coal, natural gas and petroleum, made up 63% of our total electricity generated, while 20% came from nuclear energy.
  • Only 17% came from renewable energy sources and an additional 24 billion kWh of electricity was generated from small-scale solar photovoltaic systems. Since solar is such a small part of the renewable energy sources making up the electricity supply generated in the U.S. last year, it could easily be a sector with tremendous growth and opportunity.
  • The cost to install solar has declined by more than 70% since 2010.
  • During 2017, the U.S. saw a rise in the price of solar systems, since most of the glass solar panels came from China.

Competitive Advantage

Sun Pacific Power Corp subsidiary Street Smart Outdoor is a rapidly growing street furniture outdoor advertising company offer advertising space on bus shelters and bus benches, smart solar digital shelters, and place-based solar trash bins in small towns on high trafficked main roads.

The company currently maintains over 1000 signs in its outdoor advertising marketplace and has several new signs in new towns to roll out this year. Street Smart Outdoor

Sun Pacific Holding

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