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NUGT - Is There A Reason To Buy?

Monday 11 November 2013

This is an e-mail response to an inquiry on NUGT, Direxion Gold Miner
Bull 3X Shares. After sending it, there was no reason to let it go to
waste, so it is being posted for those who have an interest in this
[wrong, in our opinion] approach to gold.

Essentially, this shows that it does not matter what the underlying is
behind a chart, be it futures, etfs, stocks, they all tell a story of how
the participants are positioning themselves in the market.

The writing is more casual, as an e-mail, but the chart contents and
their message it what matters.

Cheers :

It escapes me why there is any interest in NUGT. Those considering it as a buy potential are basing their decision on hope only, for it exhibits not a single reason to be a buy candidate. I looked at other gold
miner etfs, and they all belong in a dog pound. This is said from a
perspective that there is one, and one reason only, to trade, and that
is to be profitable. No such potential here.

This daily, and the comments on the chart, require no further

NUGT D 12 Nov 13

On a closer activity look, shortening the time period covered to see
something more than the above, you can read the comments. That
volume spike in mid-September was huge supply coming onto the
market. I drew an obvious TR between 60 and about 38. Even when
price rallies above 60, that overhead supply from mid-September will
find trapped buyers happy to sell their positions just to break even,
and that higher price area will act as resistance, in the process.

Barring a major event to propel gold a few hundred dollars overnight,
[anything can happen], the prospects for future rallies in NUGT will be
met with a lot of overhead sellers.

NUGT D 2 12 Nov 13

Just for drill, I added a longer term, [more controlling] weekly chart:

NUGT W 12 Nov 13

Finally, I looked at an intra day. What you see should be no surprise based on the higher time frames. Within the TR on the 2nd daily chart, above, you see additional bearish activity in the form of a gap down
on 1 November, and the ensuing swing rally high fails to fill that gap,
leaving what is called "bearish spacing." Sellers are so confident that
they do not need to see if/how the gap will be tested, they just keep
pressing the market lower.

No matter what time frame is considered, one is as bearish as the

NUGT 60m 12 Nov 13