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Gold And Silver - Your Economial Survival Depens On Them

Saturday 7 December 2013

We had planned on writing about China's emergence as the world's
new superpower, while the United States keeps sliding into Third World status, but we cannot escape the more cogent political
implications/ramifications of the diverging paths between the two
countries. Actually, the United States has turned direction from a
positive influence to a negative one with almost all other countries
in the world.

There is no other country aggressively pursuing war and human rights
violations more than the United States is, today. The US has engaged
in perpetual warfare with one country after another in the Middle
East: Iraq, on totally false pretenses, [Weapons of Mass Destruction];
Afghanistan, [seeking control of the drug trade]; Syria, a huge
embarrassment to aggressor Obama, who claimed the use of chemicals in war, and to the extent of any truth, the supplies came from Saudi
Arabia via Great Britain, both US allies. It took the intervention of
Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the Obama lies and deception
to prevent another Iraqi-style deceit as excuse for another "invasion."

Of course, it could not have had anything to do with the fact that
Syria is critical as an access point for Russia supplying natural gas to
Europe, and diminishing reliance upon Saudi oil and the oil backing the
US "dollar." Then there is the ongoing Iran situation, "potentially
building nuclear weapons" as an excuse. The fact that Iran has been
selling oil for gold, bypassing the use of the US "dollar," rendering the
fiat less and less important on the world economic stage, was never a
consideration for US opposition to that country.

Trying to get something started with Iran is the way elites "pay back"
any country substituting the use of the fiat "dollar" in trade. Look at
how the reaction has been in the Ukraine for refusing to align with the
EU. Leave it to the elites to foment disorder with the intent of
disrupting the Kiev government as another form of pay back.

The United States is crumbling from within, engaging in self-
destruction. It has been helped, actually intentionally directed by
what we call the New World Order, those elitists who control the entire Western banking system. It has been the purpose of the
moneychangers to overtake and destroy from within the capitalistic
United States. That plan has succeeded. The New World Order has
been in direct charge of the United States since 1933, when the US
went bankrupt, shutting down the entire banking system and
reopening it with the privately owned, [by the elites], Federal Reserve |in charge.

This is not a simple explanation to connect the dots from the Rothschilds in Europe and the Rockefellers in the United States to see
how the United States has been stealthily destroyed by the Rothschild formula: "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not
who makes the rules,"
Meyer Amschel Rothschild. He was very serious about what he said, and he spoke from experience. It has taken about 150 years, by design, but the United States has finally succumbed.

The Rothschild formula is accomplished through money control, and
what has been more controlling than central banks? For anyone who
wonders why no banker has ever gone to jail in the last 8 years for the theft of millions of illegally foreclosed homes, for which the banks were
often paid several times over for each property, why no Wall St banker has ever been indicted, why the inept US Attorney General of the
United States cannot find any crimes in the banker's world, it is
because they are all protected for their roles as bankers in promoting
the financial theft and control of the country's assets.

The one asset no banker can control or diminish in value is gold and
silver. Both metals are the wooden stake in the heart of all fiat. The
answer, at least for us, as to why there has been such a disparity
between ever-increasing world demand for gold and silver, and ever
decreasing price levels for the past few years, is the control which
the financial elites exert over all Western governments.

The natural law of supply and demand continues to be subject to the
stranglehold of the elites over money, over governments, over news
media, and over people who remain so unaware, for the most part,
that the biggest Ponzi scheme ever has been conducted by the
biggest financial mafia ever, the moneychangers.

China is a huge game changer. Russia and the other BRICS nations
are gaining more and more independence from the soon-to-fall-world-
reserve-currency, the totally fiat Federal Reserve "dollar." The Chinese government has been buying as much gold as it possibly
can because it knows the "dollar" is done, as far as they and the
BRICS, are concerned. More and more business is being conducted
outside of fiat "dollars," because fewer and fewer countries are willing
to deal with that toxic "currency."

The elites will not give up control without a fight, allowing the
destruction of all fiat currencies, in the process. No one knows how
this will play out. China has no issue with central banks being used to
suppress the price for gold and silver, for it is to advantage for China
and the other BRICS countries to be able to buy PMs at such
ridiculously low prices.

It is also likely that the central bankers, who know this better than
anyone that they are losing control, are being accommodative to China to keep prices low as a form of compensation for the worthless US
Bonds China holds. The last thing the money elites want is to have
China dump their bond holdings all at once and overwhelm the over-
extended Western banking system, where not one bank in the Western world is solvent. The financial fraud must be perpetrated for as long as possible.

Those who are buying, accumulating, and personally holding physical
gold and silver stand the best chance for economic survival when and
as the US "dollar" is devalued and the financial system collapses, or
undergoes dramatic change. Holding any form of paper gold and/or
silver will not work. Paper claims will never be given delivery of
physical metal. Any form of paper asset is at risk of being devalued
to the "worth" of fiat "dollars."

The United States is at the end game in its survival. It will not
survive, certainly not in the way people unwittingly [falsely]believe it
can. The moneychangers have won with only a few shots fired, and
two out of then three most successful were at Lincoln and Kennedy.
The effort against Reagan failed.

The Chinese are experts at warfare, employing tactics espoused by
Sun Tzu in The Art of War. The supreme art of war is to subdue the
enemy without fighting. The West is playing right into China's hands.
In contrast, the Western financial elites have employed only one
tactic, All warfare is based on deception, for everything about the
moneychangers is predicated on issuing worthless fiat and getting
back tangible assets.

The elites created the current situation, and no one can escape the
ravages of a fiat collapse. Remember, the Federal Reserve is modeled
after the Weimar banking system, if that is any help in getting people
to realize a replay of some degree is going to occur in this country.

There is a reason why the government has put the NSA in place,
[started over 60 years ago], why the Patriot Act was passed by Bush,
the National Defense Authorization Act by Obama, why FEMA was
formed, [federal control over the population, as in detention camps],
the TSA, subduing and controlling movement by citizens. They are
coming after the guns, next. We are living Orwell's "1984."

Take a page from the Chinese, who know very well what they are
doing in assuring the downfall of the US "dollar," and the country
itself. Keep buying the physical metals.

We do not know what the tipping point will be for the turnaround in
prices, but it will certainly show up in the charts, eventually. For now,
there is still no ending action to the current decline. All we can do is
read developing market activity and look for tell-tale signs when they
do show.

The decline is holding near the last swing low. Will the June low hold? The odds are greater for the low not holding, based on the trend, but
there is no way to determine the probability of the June low giving
way, for it is possible it will not. For now, the 9 week rally from that
low is undergoing a correction, currently in its 14th week. From
that, we can infer the decline has not been as strong as the rally.

As is pointed out, the ranges of the last 6 weeks down are smaller.
There is not as much EDM, [Ease of Downward Movement], which says sellers are not as strong; buyers are meeting the effort of sellers, more so than in the past since the highs; or a combination of the two. The
mid-range close from last week shows evidence of buyers successfully
defending the low, and that requires a closer look at the daily chart to
see if more can be read into that observation.

GC W 7 Dec 13

What is known about bars that overlap is they reflect a balanced
struggle between buyers and sellers. On the weekly chart, price is
well away from the upper channel line. On the daily, the upper
channel line is being retested. The upper line represents supply,
[selling] and the lower channel line represents demand, [buying].

Because price is bumping up against a known supply area, it illustrates
why the bars are overlapping, showing the balanced struggle between
buyers and sellers as just explained. All that can be said is that control by sellers appears to be weakening. That happens in all declining
markets, but a weakening of the trend does not mean that it has

Wednesday's large, high volume rally bar needs to be watched to see
how it is retested. The how of any price reaction often provides
important clues. If price narrows and the volume declines on a retest,
it lets us know sellers are weak, and buyers can more easily take
control. If price declines in a wide range bar and closes poorly, we
know sellers are still in control. Next week should give some kind of

GC D2 7 Dec 13

No question that the trend remains down, and there is no sign of a
turnaround. Of late, silver has been relatively weaker than gold.

SI W 7 Dec 13

The thin line connecting the recent swing highs and lows shows a time frame of 23 weeks in the August high October low decline, and the
current low is the 24th week since the late October swing high.
Sometimes, markets rhyme in time. What matters the most is how
price behaves. The swing low timing gives greater reason to watch
how price responds at the current lows for a possible rally turnaround.

Note how the last three closes were in the upper range of each bar.
That tells us buyers won the battle on each of those days. Many more battles will have to be won before the tide of the "trend war" changes.

SI D 7 Dec 13