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Gold - A Suppressed Market Remains Suppressed, But For How Long?

Saturday 21 December 2013

Part of the reasoning for the price of gold to attain levels that are
multiples of the current price, sometime into the future, [too late for
those who have been calling for much higher gold prices in 2013], is
the Federal Reserve central bank creating trillions and trillions of digital
currency to support every underwater bank in existence. None of the
newly created imaginary computer entries, aka currency, has made it
into the hands of the business community, nor into the hands of the
people, aka financial serfs, as far as bankers are concerned.

The elites use central banks as their ATM machines to pay all the huge
bonuses bankers are paid, in return for financially destroying capitalism and maintaining control of the Western world. What the New World
Order elites did not count on was the fact that their own central banks
and the countries they bankroll would be faced with the Ponzi scheme
destroying themselves from within, much like the United States and
that failed European Union scheme.

Under such dire circumstances, the demand for gold has never been
greater, at least from Eastern interests. The demand from public
interests, while high, is not enough to cause alarm for central planners.
They can keep the masses under control. On the other hand, they
have been blindsided by China, and for a different reason, Russia.

China has been the recipient of every tonne of gold they can buy.
Other countries have also increased gold purchases, the BRICS nations
and Turkey, primarily, but China is the largest buyer of gold, by far.
This has undermined the financial control of Western central bankers,
who are selling all their gold in order to keep China at bay. The elites
have spent the past few hundred years accumulating, giving paper in
return, and now they are selling all they have as their own paper is
coming back to roost. It has left their golden cupboards bare.

Russia has inserted themselves into the world as a new power in
energy, undermining central banker control via the petro dollar, aka
Federal Reserve Notes, that are backed by nothing but schemes to
defraud the world and transfer as much wealth as possible into the
control of the elites.

Syria has not been about use of chemicals [supplied by the West] in a
civil war [stirred up by the West]. No. It has been about Syria as a
strategic delivery point for supplying Europe with Russian natural gas.
That makes a lot of the world less reliant on Saudi oil, which weakens the fiat Federal Reserve Notes, aka the "dollar."

Less demand for the US fiat "dollar" means there is less need, [really
none, now] for the financially toxic Treasury bonds the US has been
issuing [forcing upon] the rest of the world in order for the US to
finance its now broken, debt-riddled country. The Fed has become the
buyer of last resort to purchase its own debt in its desperate attempt to keep its Ponzi scheme alive.

What most of the public does not seem to grasp is events like these are responsible for gold and silver being intentionally suppressed by central
bankers to keep themselves in power. It is almost that simple. We will never know the full stories behind what the Western governments are doing, but their powers have been destroying the countries under their
control, and that control is maintained by worthless fiat currency, such
as the dollar, backed by nothing, and the Euro, a forced currency
created to "unite" Europe so it would be easier to fleece the member

The stake to be driven into the hearts of these ruthless bureaucrats,
more than well-paid to carry out the grand scheme of the elite New
World Order, [call it whatever you will] is not wooden but golden. Gold
is what the Rothschilds coveted the most. They discovered how
controlling interest can be when greedy sovereign rulers needed money
to finance their control and wars with other countries. [This all started
a few hundred years ago.]

The Rothschilds supplied all the money necessary for kings to finance
their wars. In return for unlimited availability of funds to pay the
troops and all the other costs of battle, the Rothschilds demanded gold and silver as payment in return for their loans. Script was loaned out,
gold and silver was paid back. When the ability to repay only gold and
silver became untenable, Rothschild demanded control of that sovereign nation's money supply. Hence his famous, "Give me control over a
nation's money, and I care not who makes the rules." The Rothschilds
ruled the rulers, and they ruled from behind the scenes. This is how
the New World Order, the powerful elites who control all the currencies, came into existence.

Who elected the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, those who dictate to the central banks? Who elected the
bureaucrats in Brussels that run the European Union? This is an overly
simplified version of "follow the money trail," but when you do, it leads
back to the Rothschilds. Everything else is a symptom. The
moneychangers are the root cause.

To this day, almost all Americans have no idea that the Federal Reserve is not a part of the Federal government. The central bank, like all
Western central banks is a privately owned corporation. The Fed, as a
private corporation, "lends" money to the U S Treasury. It does not
actually lend anything, it creates bookkeeping entries and issues bonds, debts the U S must pay back to the Fed for the Fed lending a
bookkeeping entry. What must the US pay back? Gold and silver.

What happens when the gold and silver run out? The elites who own
and run the Fed puts the US into bankruptcy, [1933], declares a "bank
holiday" by shutting down the U S bank system and reopens a few days later under the Federal Reserve banking system. The U S is gone. The
Rothschild formula is now in control of the nation, the laws, the people.

The irony is China and Russia are not under the control of the central
bankers, [yet?]. Neither country will play the Rothschild debt game. Neither China nor Russia will surrender their gold in return for
participation in a world banking system that will give both countries
unlimited amounts of fiat paper. China and Russia went in the opposite
direction and built up their gold reserves, especially China.

China told the Western banking cartel to keep their paper. That nationeven went as far as saying, "keep your Treasury Bonds, they are
worthless. In fact, here, take them back and give us gold in return."
If the Western banking cartel did not comply, China would simply dump all their bond holdings onto the market and bankrupt the Rothschild

World control is at stake. The West has had to empty out all their gold
vaults, steal as much allocated gold as they could, default on silver
contract deliveries via MF Global, doing whatever it takes to feed China
and keep the collapsing fiat Ponzi scheme alive. Otherwise, the Western banking system would collapse, as it is doing, and the elites would lose their financial stranglehold over the nations they rule.

China and Russia, and the other BRICS nations are telling the US to
perform an anatomical act on themselves with all the worthless fiat and derivatives they own and control. For all those who wonder why the
"authorities" do not do anything to correct all these illegal activities on
Wall Street, the COMEX and LBMA, it is because the authorizes are run
by those who control Wall Street, the COMEX and LBMA.

The price of gold must be kept suppressed at all costs for many of the
reasons cited. Does the fast-fading world reserve currency look like it
is collapsing? The chart does not suggest it is.

The fiat currency is weak, and we can see this by an inability to trade
back even to the 50% level of the range from the high to low shown on
the chart. It is contained by a triangular coil formation, and nearer the
upper half of the range. Whenever you see a price in the middle of any
kind of range, information is at its most unreliable, for price can go
either way and still not break out. Better to wait for clearer direction.

If the fiat dollar is not in danger of imminent "collapse," or even
breaking down, then gold does not have this event as an impetus for
rallying higher.

DX M 21 Dec 13

The barrage of "gold reserves are at lowest levels," or "the number of
paper claims against each available physical ounce remains high," etc.
All of these articles regurgitating these reports are well-intended, but
they are already factored into the market. More of the same kinds of
information is not going to change the downward price momentum,
just like all the previous sensational news has not made any difference.

The gold market is beig held hostage by the elites and tightly controlled by their central banks. Wall Street and bankers are impervious to
rules, regulations, even laws. The likes of Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie
Dimon are not doing god's work, they are doing the work of the elites
to maintain total control over every aspect of people's lives.

Until that control is ceded, gold ain't going higher, at least in the short

GC W 21 Dec 13

For all the global demand for and short supply of gold, there are other reasons why you see price at the recent lows. However dismissive
anyone wants to be of charts depicting what is admittedly a corrupt
paper market, and irrespective of a premium for physical gold over
paper, the price of the physical is still expressed in values related to
the paper market.

That being said, there are so many reasons that one should be buying
and accumulating physical gold. The Western financial system, [Ponzi
scheme], of fiat currency is closer and closer to failing. China has no
reason to force the West into immediate collapse. The Chinese are
more patient and know the West will self-destruct on their own. China
is already shopping the Western world, buying up bargains. Russia
also knows it has a winning hand. The Putin v Obama showdown over
Syria was an embarrassment to the rank political amateur U S
president and a demonstration of Russian confidence.

Owning physical gold is one of the best ways of preserving one's
wealth, even growing it, once Western default becomes a reality. The
problem is that reality could take longer than most expect, as it already has. The upside for gold buyers is, they still have time to buy, and at
prices that are unlikely to be revisited in anyone's life time.

GC D 21 Dec 13