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Gold And Silver - Elites Want War. Front Man Obama Pushing Hard

Saturday 3 May 2014

The modus operandi of the elites is to create chaos, preferably in
the form of [profitable for them] war. Their purpose is to create
major headaches for governments and people. The next step is to
"offer solutions" to end the chaos. Without fail, the solutions always
favor the elite who gain more control as part of the cost for the

Why war? A simple diversion used to cover the total insolvency
of the entire Western banking system and the failure of all fiat currencies. The only solution will be financial destruction, and
major economic life disruptions, especially in the ill-prepared
United States. Previews of what is in store for the United States
are found in Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Venezuela, Argentina. The
list grows.

There is only one head of state pushing for war against Russia,
using Ukraine as a pawn, and that is the elite front-man, Barack
Obama. What business does he have instigating chaos in that part
of the world? None, quite simply, yet he leads the charge.

Are the citizens of the United States urging him on? No. What about the Europeans who transact billions of dollars in business with
Russia, depend upon Russia for 20% to 35% to supply their natural
gas needs? Are individual European states urging him on? No. Too
much at risk, and European leaders do not want to bear the
consequences of yet more sanctions that can end up hurting them
more than hurting Russia.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Washington this
weekend, giving the appearance of being supportive of Obama
but not offing it, directly. Ms Merkel may soon be saying auf
weidersehen to her job within another year. If the German people
are foolish enough to let the head Frau help decimate the German
economy, through risking hundreds of thousands of jobs, risking
future contracts between major German corporations and Russia,
then like the docile Americans, the Germans will only have
themselves to blame.

If European states are opposed to more sanctions that will ending
harming them, then Obama has no other support, as he supports
an illegal coup d'etat, the overtaking of an elected government,
and blames Putin for breaking rules. Well, there is that unelected,
non-representative group, the IMF, which is in Obama's hypocritical corner. The IMF promised Ukraine $17 billion in tranched loans,
with one small catch in the not so fine print: Ukraine, you must go
to war against pro-Russian forces and take the eastern part of
Ukraine, or you do not get your money!

Now we have the IMF, [Rothschilds] telling one country to start a
civil war and capture the Eastern Ukraine. This is how the elites
work, and the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barack Obama, is their
front man, leading the charge, just like he did in Egypt, Libya,
Syria, Afghanistan. Egypt was a purely political manuever. Libya
has oil, and prior to the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, that country
used to own gold, which was the first order of business to ransack,
just as the Ukrainian gold was the first thing to disappear, into
greedy Western thieving hands. But always remember, according
to Western interests, gold has not useful value, at least not in your
hands. Syria is important for Russian access to ship natural gas to
Europe, and the US sees it as a threat to the petro-dollar.
Afghanistan has heroin that supports the CIA drug trade and a huge source of profitable money laundering for the Rothschild banking

What of Ukraine? It may be just what the elite needs, once
attempts to provoke war in Syria failed. Why is attacking and
capturing Eastern Ukraine so important? It has rich farmland that
produces income, unlike to poorer Western Ukraine being
exploited. Without the income from the eastern farmland, how
else will the IMF ever get repaid?

What has this to do with the price of gold and silver? Both PMs need to be kept suppressed and not viewed as an alternative to the
world's largest Ponzi scheme, the Rothschild Western banking
system, totally corrupt and insolvent to its core, but also totally
in charge of all Western governments. The BRICS nations have
created a fissure that continues to grow and remains the most
viable threat to the West.

Expectations are that more European companies will start aligning
themselves with Russia and China. Germany remains a key player, in that regard. Aligning herself with Obama may be what costs
Merkel her job. Good riddance.

It seemed developing events would have already had an impact on
gold and silver, but last week's yet another manipulation "take-
down" delayed the inevitable. It should be an overt reminder to all
of the control the elites have to do whatever is necessary in order
to maintain their power. Maybe there will be more "suicided"
events where mid-tier bankers do their utmost best to defy gravity
from varying heights of buildings.

[As an aside for our foreign readers, suicide is the taking of one's
life. Use of the term "suicided" implies that the official reports of
suicide in the 14 deaths, to date, may have been, shall we say,
involuntarily assisted, hence suicided.]

The French banker, a woman named Lydia, was considered to be
the first female to be "suicided," by her attempt to defy gravity and leap to her death. Somehow, Sumana Sultana, 44, a banker for
Rupali Bank escaped attention when she hung herself from her
bedroom ceiling fan, back in January. That brings the sudden rash
of banker "suicides" to 15.

It is a function of the elites to create problems like Ukraine, and/or
any other area in which distractions can be used and keep people
focusing on the wrong issues. The fundamentals for gold and silver
are not connected to price because of Rothschild-like efforts, as we
have been saying for the past few months. Until then, except for
accumulating physical gold and silver at these absurdly low,
artificial levels, keep one's powder dry and use reasonably close
stops if entering the paper market.

A look at the charts:

The monthly remains in a TR holding its 1200 area lows very well.

GC M 3 May 14

It is easier to see the sideways movement from the thin line
connecting the swing highs and swing lows. Price needs to rally
above the 1390 area to turn the near term trend up.

GC W 3 Mat 2014

Notice how price sell-offs are labored, relative to the wide range
rally bars. It is an overall positive sign in market activity, and it
may set the stage for long positions in the futures market.

GC D 3 May 14

The monthly shows silver still bottoming, and the word patience
keeps coming to mind.

SI M 3 May 14

Price sell-offs continue to hold, but lower swing highs show an
inability of buyers to wrest control from sellers. Another test of
support could weaken it sufficiently for sellers to get another new
low, wiping out a lot of stops and weak longs. Otherwise, recent
lows may provide an anchor for trading futures from the long side.

SI W 3 May 14

The composition of the market activity shows selling dropped at
Thursday's recent new lows. This is a plus for buyers who will
recognize that sellers were AWOL when they had a clear
opportunity to drive price lower. Friday's increased volume, wide
range rally bar reflects how buyers acted and took advantage of
the market-generated information.

SI D 3 May 14