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Gold And Silver - Rally Or No? War Or Not? Probably No For Both.

Saturday 10 May 2014

The elites want war. Will they get war?

In the past, it was a slam dunk. There was no nation strong enough to oppose the elite's weapons of mass destruction, aka debt and
the US military. How things have changed. The failed Western
banking system is way past its expiration date. All the elites horses
and all the elites men can never put back this broken derivative
mess again.

War has always been the go-to tactic for the Rothschild-driven
control-the-world-mentality. From the spawned chaos arising from
their carefully chosen plan[s] for instigating war[s], not only would
they ultimately prevail in their sick objective of manic control, they
would make a ton of money and grow their operations even more.

How have things changed?

West v East. Get ready for a RRRUUUUMMMMBLE. In the West
corner, representing a broken banking system, a democracy-gone-
wild, turned Fascist, a spy-driven network of governments running
on fiat exhaust fumes is none other than the elite-propped
community-organizer-turned-teleprompter-reading US president,
dispenser of unlimited amounts of fiat, lies, and elite evangelism,

In the East corner, fresh from rebuilding a West-led breaking of its
government is former KGB head, [a different kind of community
organizer], President, Prime Minister and President again,
accumulator of gold and lord over vast amounts of natural
resources, deals made with China on promoting growth, and BRICS member, Vlaaaadimirrrr PUuuuutin.

Previously, the elites have always remained unopposed. The days
of ransack a nation, grab its gold and gain control of its paper
currency are over. [Maybe not so much, given what the US-led
insurgents did to Ukraine gold and financial holdings, both gone,
never to be seen again.]

Like any parasite that is allowed to go unchecked, it will eventually
consume its host. The US has been consumed and its fiat carcass is
going to be left for Third World dealings, but do not tell its US
citizens. The elite-controlled US media has been silent on these
kinds of nation-destroying events and wants to surprise everyone
about their unacknowledged, decaying, Orwellian existence.

Now, the East has been growing into a financial powerhouse, not
without their own problems, but the Eastern nations have been
tending to their growth areas, developing trade relations and
cultivating their natural resources, migrating themselves into their
BRICS alliance. In addition to BRICS, there are parts of Central and South America, those areas in Obama's backyard he has chosen to
ignore and [mis]place his elite-dictated focus on "more important"
areas for which he has no business in meddling, like Egypt, Libya,
Syria, and now Ukraine.

Why Ukraine, why now? [Not so]Simple. The elites have been
miscalculating and misfiring their waning powers, still very much
formidable, but nations are becoming less willing accomplices.
Egypt, failed. Libya, a victory because Ghaddafi's gold was
"repatriated" back to the NY Fed, albeit temporarily, because it
eventually then made its way to Switzerland for recasting for its
ultimate destination: China. Syria, another failure as Putin
outmaneuvered and embarrassed the inexperienced and political
lightweight Obama.

The elites are running out of time and options, [the latter is not to
be confused with the soon-to-be-morphing-into-a-death-spiral
derivatives]. They are not stupid by any stretch of imagination, but they know a losing hand when they see one. The best the elites can
hope for is to keep kicking the fiat time-bomb can down the road to let the next elite generation-D handle it. ["D" for Disaster]

The world is watching the elite-inspired stick-poking of the Russian
Bear Putin, as the West threatens Russia with its NATO-backing
military might, [possibly fraying] and NATO nations [now
questionably]backing that previously unfailing military trump card.
Russia is a problem for survival of the Fascist New World Order
dream, and it must be checked and weakened, at all costs. That is
the purpose of interfering with Ukraine.

Poland has allowed US military forces to operate in its country.
Stupid Poland, but partially forgiven for its historically negative
relations with Russia and Ukraine, but decidedly more with Russia.
Poland's sovereign memory is still scarred by bloody and brutal
wars. Western Ukraine used to be eastern Poland. The aftermath
is, despite the devastating history between the two nations, and
partly because of it, Poland and Ukraine have rekindled their
mutual historic ties and bonds. Both dislike Russia, so Poland may
stay in the NATO fold.

The rest of Europe may not. Mention was made last week about the economic ties between much of Europe and Russia. [See Elites
Want War. Front Man Obama Pushing Hard
]. Europe stands to
suffer financially, economically and could be left out in the cold,
literally, if Putin decides to say "Thank you" to Europe, a more
polite way of using a four-letter word, instead, but the impact will
be the same: no natural gas supplies or certainly at far higher
costs. Putin to Europe: "You want the United States? You can have
the United States."

Putin learned that tactic from Obama when Obama lied to American citizens by saying, re ObamaCare: "You want your health
insurance? You can keep your health insurance." Now, millions of
Americans are without any health insurance. Take heed Europe.

Germany could play a leadership role, or more of one were it not
for Angela Merkel. There is growing unrest in Germany, a smart
nation currently being led by a not so smart Chancellor, too slow
in recognizing the shifting balance of powers that are increasingly
against any U S Third Reich mentality. The German business
community is not about to let their political leaders destroy that
nation from within, as Reagan, Bush Clinton, Bush, and Obama
have in the elite Fascist-entrenched US.

As Germany goes, so goes the rest of Europe, and if Germany
balks at taking a leadership role, which means severing its
umbilical relations with the US, smaller nations will bolt to the
BRICS side as a last resort move in a desperate attempt at self-
sovereign preservation. In the end, Germany will likely turn to the East and forsake the insidious ways of the West. It is too great a
nation to allow itself to become so marginalized by the US, even
though it was the incubator for the Rothschild rise to world
dominance and the genesis of all that is wrong in the world, today.

The upshot is, for as hard as Obama has been beating the drums of war, sending over military troops, "advisors," and war ships, the
tides of change may have left the US military threat real, but with
less ability to follow through. Russia will be backed by China,
India, and other nations building both gold reserves and a business
infrastructure designed toward financial stability and growth. When
you throw in the fact that the European nations may draw a
financial and economic line they will not cross, the US will become
totally isolated, save Poland and a few other sycophant nations that do not have any significant bearing, [hear that UK?].

For these reasons, war may not be as looming as it appears should, as the German businessmen suggest, "common sense prevail."
Based on the lack of PMs response to the ongoing potential for war, smart money does not seem overly concerned.

The ever fraying Paper Tiger,[ironic that it comes from China,
zhǐlǎohǔ (紙老虎)], may be meeting its Ukrainian Waterloo. Instead
of being provoked into war, Putin is remaining in the background,
knowing that IMF promised loans will wreck Western Ukraine, and
that all Eastern eyes are watching the eventually disastrous
outcome that will have the Ukrainians scrambling back into its
Russian sphere.

Like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, wherever "democracy" is
spread, like a plague, the results are a country left in ruin. Poor
Ukrainian citizens for listening to the siren call of the Financial [We-
will-gut-your-country] West, for it has already been faring poorly
for them.

If you have gold and silver, you have the best odds of surviving the impending collapse of the United States as we all know it. It will be
sad for Americans, just as it is unfortunate for Ukrainians, Cypriots, Greeks, Irish, Spanish citizens, all suffering for the sins of their
governments. All take pride in their national heritage. Our point is
that national pride is separate and distinct from the governments
that run [ruin] it for The People.

The die is cast. The US dollar will die. Much of the rest of the world
will move on and recover. The United States will not. Its de facto
government has misled The People for well over 100 years. Few in
the United States have any idea of what is to come. Some will be
better prepared than most, and those who are better prepared are
the owners of gold and silver.

The purpose of this article, and recent ones on this topic, is how the prices for gold and silver will not by rallying significantly until the
resolve of the devolving West plays out, or at least that of the
increasingly dysfunctional de facto federal government, vastly
different and distinct from the people living within the country.

It is silly for anyone to lament over the higher prices paid for
acquiring what gold and silver they have. Price is irrelevant. How
many times must this be said? Each day brings us closer to the
consequences of a Federal Reserve-dictated government that
overspent and misled the world, not just its citizens.

Those who choose to remain within the banking system do so at
their own peril. Those who say, "What other choice do I have?"
have chosen not to make an alternative one, for they are not
willing to think for themselves. If they were to be a part of a herd
mentality, which they are, and could see the herd heading for a cliff that leads to certain financial death, would seeing the inevitable
results of not leaving the path of the herd prompt them to make a
different choice, or would they continue to say, "What choice do I have, I am going to go over the cliff with everyone else."?

Hard to understand people who choose not to choose.

One choice that is essential is the ongoing purchase of the physical
metals at these absurdly low prices, unlikely to be seen again for
several generations to follow. We are all on the cusp of historical changes that will alter the geopolitical landscape for the next
several decades. To be concerned about where price is for the
physical makes little sense. What makes the most sense is to be
amply prepared for what is certain to come.

Our take on the charts for gold and silver:

The monthly chart is just 1/3 of the way through, but it is always
worth having awareness of it for context. There is still a lot that
bulls must overcome once a low is confirmed. The comparison
between the two most recent corrections is an interesting one. So
far, price has not made much progress to the downside, especially
after the sharp volume increase on the decline three weeks ago.
The lack of any lower follow-through is worth noting.

GC M 10 May 14

There is symmetry between the monthly and weekly evidenced by
price moving laterally over the past seven weeks. Except for a
higher close, five weeks ago, there is a clustering of closes. This is
the market engaging in a resting spell before continuing lower, or
in preparation for a turn to go higher.

What is important to realize is that one need not guess in which
direction price will go, but, instead, be prepared for either event
and follow the market once it declares its intent.

GC W 10 May 14

The daily provides greater detail but does not provide any
definitive clue for the next directional move. The volume activity
within the TR has a slight edge for buyers, but the weak effort of
the last two TDs in a weak response to the wide range decline
preceding, is not encouraging. Price could still rally, next week,
but as developing market activity stands, price could as easily
work lower.

GC D 10 May 14

The trend is down and in an area of support. The trend carries the
greater weight. There is no evidence of strength in the silver
market, at this time. It is a great opportunity to accumulate more physical at incredibly low, suppressed low prices., but that is all.

SI M 10 May 14

Lacking anything definitive for taking a long position in futures, it is
worth mentioning that the more times a support or resistance area
is tested, said support or resistance is weakened, and there is
always the potential for another low in silver. In some ways, it
makes sense for it would wipe out and demoralize a lot of longs,
even physical holders who should not even care where the
temporary price of silver is.

This is not to say the either silver or gold could begin the early
stages of a strong rally campaign, next week, next month, next
year. Knowing when really does not matter if one is prepared for
events as they unfold. The "WHEN" that eludes almost everyone
will occur when price is ready to move, and not a day sooner.
That is how markets work.

SI W 10 May 14

No matter how many times one looks, there is very little in the
way of evidence that says silver is about ready to take off. Quite
the contrary, for silver continues to make lower highs and lower
lows. When it comes to what one would like to see happen, and
what is actually happening, it is only the latter that counts.

SI D 10 May 14