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Gold And Silver - Debt Is Trouncing Precious Metals, For Now.

Saturday 1 June 2014

Animal Farm and 1984, meet 2014. The Western world no longer
makes any sense, and common sense has been sidelined for
decades. It is lies, deceit, and debt ruling supreme. The "American
Way" [which once was a standard for emulation] is now a source of
embarrassment, advanced by the bankrupt federal government
doing the bidding of the moneychangers, those who adhere to and
hide behind the Rothschild formula. What is that formula? It has
been expressed here on several occasions:

Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes the laws." Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Whether Rothschild actually said it or not, this is the most profound statement, and its reality has seized the entire wealth of the
Western world. Rothschild learned early on how incredibly
profitable it was to lend to nations instead of individuals, and at
times of war, profits soared even more. Wars were expensive.
Troops had to be paid, munitions bought, and over a period of time, the expense of war drained a nation's treasury.

Being recognized as the source for available funding, kings and
rulers readily turned to the Rothschild family for money. The
Rothschilds always demanded gold and silver in repayment, and
when that ran out, control over the issuance of a nation's money
was then demanded. Long story short, with its unparalleled, and
unfathomable by most to the extent of its accumulation, the
Rothschild banking clan became almost the only source of money
to run a country.

While this may seem repetitive and, to some degree accepted as
true, the review is presented as context for what follows.

What may not be as widely known is that the English Rothschild
bank funded the North in America's Civil War, while the French
Rothschild bank funded the South. It did not matter who would win, the Rothschild's were going to increase both their wealth and,
more importantly for them, their influence in US politics. That had
always been their primary objective.

Lincoln did not want to pay the bankers up to 36% interest for
loans to fund the war. He decided to issue Greenbacks by the US
government, interest free so that the country was not burdened
with any interest costs, a very big deal. Lincoln was assassinated, [draw your own conclusions], and after his death, Congress
immediately repealed the Greenback law. It should be known that
when Lincoln announced his use of interest-free money as a source
of funding, bankers stormed to Washington D C t o complain

Message: Never mess with bankers.

Prior to the Civil War, the individual states that comprised the
United States were the primary source of power. After the Civil
War, the Federal government started to take control of power from the states and placed them under its umbrella. The bankers, under
the control of the Rothschilds, were gaining the influence for which they had been scheming.

A few decades later, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was [illegally]
passed, and control of this nation's money supply was now in the
banker's hands. It took 2 more decades to officially bankrupt the
United States and cause the nation to cease printing any of its own
U S Treasury Notes, which were backed by silver and gold, at the
time. It was then that Roosevelt declared a "banking holiday." The
banking system was shut down for a few days, and when banks
reopened, there were then under control of the Federal Reserve and
a few Wall Street banks. [JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Chase]

For clarity: The Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation. It
is not federal, there are no reserves, and what it issues are not
Notes. The third sentence of this article states, It is lies, deceit,
and debt ruling
Congress is mandated by Article 1
section 8 clause 5 of the original Constitution "To coin Money,
regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard
of Weights and Measures;"

Nowhere in the original constitution does it allow for a private
corporation to control and issue this nation's currency. Here you see
the power of the bankers to come in and take control of the policies,
laws, and banking functions. The government, as most people
believe exists, in fact does not. The government is under total control
of the central banking system, the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve does not issue money. To be clear, the Federal Reserve does not issue money! It issues debt. Each and every
Federal Reserve Note, [FRN] is a debt instrument. The United States
does not issue it own currency. When the US needs money, it is
borrowed from the Federal Reserve, and interest is paid on each and
every dollar and cent issued by that private banking cartel. When a
nation no longer issues its own currency, it is no longer sovereign.
Guess who has to pay the interest on the nation's debt?

Read Article 14, first sentence of section 4 of the now Federal

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States,
authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions
and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion,
shall not be questioned.

This will come as a surprise to most Americans, but it was the
Rothschild faction, the money controllers, the elites, who had that
section written into the federal constitution. No one is allowed to
question the validity of the public debt, no matter how invalid it may
be! Theft had become legalized with the passage of that Article 14 of
the federal constitution.

It is your debt, Americans, and to make matters worse, you have to
pay interest on every single dollar and cent loaned into circulation.
Forget about what happens to how FRNs are treated once in
circulation, their very existence is debt. There is no money in
circulation. This country, the world, has been deceived into believing
that a FRN is a "dollar," just because the word appears on each debt

It was no accident that Roosevelt passed his useless but effective
Executive Order that mandated all "persons" turn in their gold in
1933. In law, a "person" is a corporation. Unless one worked for the
federal government as an officer or was a corporation, the deceit of
the Executive Order was a pure ruse, as is the entire de facto
bankrupt federal government.

The reason for it was that the elites wanted to eliminate competition
for its fiat FRN. We cannot say it is backed by nothing, for it is backed
by the birth of every 14th Amendment "US citizen," a status which
never existed prior to the elite mandated passage of the 14th,
another ruse to enslave American citizens within their own country
by a handful of elites who controlled the money which controls the
government. If anyone should doubt that, where does the US
government turn when it wants money? To the Fed banking cartel,
and that same cartel issues debt that earns them interest.

[The point of the birth certificate is that it is used as security for loans
based on the premise that each birth will live for so many years,
earn money and pay taxes back to the elites. The bith certificate is a
form of security.]

The debt, by the way, can never be repaid. It is a mathematical
impossibility because the interest owed is never loaned into

This is a brief overview of how the US government has come to be
usurped by a banking cartel that controls everything: government,
media, corporations, food supply, etc, etc, all because of their control over the money supply in the Western world. We may continue this
theme in another article, for it is incredibly complex and rife with
plausible deniability by [puppet]governments acting at the behest of
the totally in control elites.

Gold and silver are the exact opposite of debt. When you own gold
and silver, you own it outright. It is substance without any third-
party obligation[s]. You know by the unrelenting manipulation of the
price for both by the central bankers how desperate they are to keep it from challenging their grand fiat scheme. Many thought the Ponzi
scheme was unraveling last year, and many still believe fiat will be
jettisoned in favor of gold and silver this year, sooner rather than
later. That does not appear to be the case.

We are adherents of letting the market interaction of price and
volume, as found in the charts, speak loudest and silence a great
many "opinions" offered from a variety of sources.

The explanation on the monthly chart is a sufficient summation. Gold
has been moving lower the past few months, but guardedly when it
would be expected otherwise.

GC M 1 Jun 14

The promise of a strong rally in gold is far less than the luster on the
metal itself. We did not add the no. 3 so referenced. It was to be the
wide range lower from the last swing high in March. To a lesser
degree, when compared to silver, the sell-offs have not been very
authoritative, despite the increasingly failing efforts of the central
bankers. Within the confines of an almost year-long TR, [Trading
Range], neither side has a pressing advantage, which says more for
buyers holding their own against sellers.

GC W 1 Jun 14

In line with the theme of buyers somewhat containing sellers near
recent lows, there is a degree of support that sellers have to
overcome if buyers are to be routed, which seems not to be a large
threat, near term.

GC D 1 Jun 14

Silver has moved lower, relative to gold, and has been kept more
suppressed, but without much to show for the effort of selling agents.
The fact that last month was the smallest range in 7 years is a tell
against the inability of sellers to extend the range lower at an area
where they should be able to control buyers. The market activity
says otherwise.

SI M 1 Jun 14

Charts give a pictorial that explains more than words can. Note the
relative ease of the last two rallies, dark bars, and the greater
difficulty, especially in time, for price to decline. This is not to say
silver will not go lower in the next week or two, rather that moves
to the downside have not been very convincing.

SI W 1 Jun 14

The daily shows in more detail how sellers are struggling to move
price lower. The fact that the bars overlap so much indicates sellers
are being met almost equally by buyers. Of course, the edge
remains with sellers, but any ground gains lower are accomplished

Overall, while silver has not been able to gain as well as gold over
the past several months, it has been holding its recent lows fairly
well. For as long as silver can hold it lows, as it has, the downside for
gold may be equally limited, on a relative basis.

SI D 1 Jun14