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What Will Continue To Propel The Amazon Stock Price

|Includes:, Inc. (AMZN)


Amazon Fresh and Alexa taking over the market for groceries and home assistant.

Amazon's stock price being so high is attractive, not a turn off.

With a high of over $1,200 a share, you may be asking is there room to grow.?

   I think so. Amazon has done a great job at making themselves not only an online commerce mecca but has fulfilled everyone’s desires all in one place. Amazon is more than just an e-commerce marketplace, but a place to stream multiple sources of media. With a Prime subscription, you can get access to all those features and two-day shipping. Although other major retailers like Walmart are beginning to add free two-day shipping, Amazon is staying above that by adding other new features to attract and keep customers. AmazonFresh is a new addition to the lineup, featuring door to door delivery for customer’s groceries. On top of AmazonFresh, they also offer “Dash Buttons,” which will auto order a product you are running out of. This is especially easy for homeowners. If you see you are running low on laundry detergent, you can simply click the “Dash Button,” and a new on will be at your door in two days. No more lists to carry around, no more forgetting items at the store. The older generations, 45 and older, this could be a hard concept to follow. The newer generations would rather not leave their homes, if they have a reputable option like AmazonFresh. Amazon is now a household name; this gives them the advantage over the new competition. Therefore, Amazon is a company to invest in for the long haul. With new additions coming out like Alexa, Amazon’s new personal assistant, there is sure to be growth and new applications for the unit. With smart home integration, a personal assistant like Alexa can control lights and many other parts functions of your home. This paired with FireTV and Kindle, Amazon has begun to get a large foothold in many different facets of the Tech world. Continuous innovations and continuous adoption of users will lead to a slow, but upward trend of stick price. I would like to think that the stock will split at some point before the year 2020 which would be more of a reason one would invest early. Amazon has taken over e-commerce, what will it take over next?