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CVS: Why You Should Invest For 2018

|Includes: CVS Health Corporation (CVS)

CVS stocks pay dividends.

CVS as a company has grown and will continue to grow.

CVS annual dividends increase every year.

If you are asking yourself what stocks to invest in for 2018, CVS is a company that you should highly consider. First off as of December 1st CVS was trading at approximately $75 a share, so it’s not a stock like Amazon or Google that will cost a fortune initially invest in. Not only is CVS a relatively inexpensive stock compared to other companies of its size but what’s most appealing about CVS stock is the fact that CVS is a growing dividend paying stock. CVS stocks will continue to grow throughout 2018 because of the industry and diversity of the company. CVS is a part of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry having thousands of pharmacies across the United States as well as hundreds of healthcare clinics. This diversity will allow the company to continuously increase its revenue causing the price of its stock to continuously rise. As of December 1st, the current yield for CVS is about 2.65% so investors will receive a significant annual dividend payment for each stock. The dividend payments are the most important reason for investing. The company’s annual dividend payment continues to grow year after year which is extremely as an investor. CVS is a great investment because the stock price is going to continue to rise and the stockholders are going to get dividend payments that were larger than the last. Overall if you are exploring different investment options for 2018, CVS should be taken into consideration because the stock price is going to grow, the stock pays dividends and the stock is relatively inexpensive.