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Antioch Real Estate A Look back at August '09 as we prepare for December 2009

Current Sales Under Contract for the Months of July '09 and August '09. For antioch real estate combined July '09 and August '09 monthly averages saw a pending property transaction list high of $415,000. The lowest two month pending transaction was reported as $61,900. The combined two month average property in contract price was reported in the proximity of $213,295. For statistical purposes the two month pending median average that can be used for statistical deviation analysis is $204,500. The combined two month total of all pending transactions was reported as 209 properties. Total antioch real estate pending inventory is estimated to have a net work of $44,725,420. The longest combined month pending home has been under contract for 409 days. The average pending home has been in escrow for 37.5 days. For statistical purposes the combined median DOM (Days on the Market) was recorded as 15 days. Pending sales are likely to remain high in the following months because of all the local area short sales. The numbers of pending transactions that have been carried over since the previous month indicate that escrows are still taking time to close. Even still, the short sale process with certain lenders has vastly improved waiting time since previous months.