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Brentwood Real Estate

For Brentwood Real Estate an analysis from March '09 to September '09 shows that the average Brentwod home has changed in value by -33.43%.  This represents an average change of about $-100859.  The average listing change for this period was about -36.45%.  The average Brentwod home change in list value for March '09 to September '09 was about $-109967.  Ratio change for Days on the Market was close to -40%.  This represents a change of about -18 Days.  Statistically, the median DOM percentage of change was -61.53844%, while the actual DOM change was -16 Days.


In terms of Brentwood Real Estate financing, we saw a change in FHA financed homes of about 32.142857142857139%, Conventional of about 26.4150%, and Cash around 585.71428571428567%.  The change represented an actual difference of 9 for FHAs, 14 for conventional deals, and 41 for all cash deals.  The statistical price change in median FHA financed homes was -26.12%, for Conventional -33.67%, and for all cash -19.36%.  The actual amounts were very close to $-76000 (FHA), $-101000 (Conventional), and $-41050 (All Cash).


FHA DOM (days on the market) represented a change of about -11.66%, while the actual amount was -7 days.  Conventional DOM change produced a -28.571% percentage of change.  The actual DOM change for conventional financed homes in Brentwod was -14 Days.  FHA average prices changed by -29.39% and the actual amount was $-89980.  Conventional average home sale ratios adjusted by -31.03%. Brentwod conv. average home price change was actually $-96169.


The average Brentwood Real Estate all cash average change was -27.17% during the months of March '09 to September '09. The average reflects an actual change of $-64010.