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Quincy Housing Statistics

During the months of October, 2009 and December, 2009 Quincy real estate saw a change of about -6 homes that sold, according to local MLS inventory statistics. During the period the standard Quincy home (Combined Condo, SFR, and MFR) days on market (NYSE:DOM) changed by about -52 days. The average list price for this period changed by about $6953 comparatively. The average sales price for the period between October, 2009 and December, 2009 changed by about $9330. The separation between the list price and the actual sales price produced a 2% change in difference.


During the same months of October, 2009 to December, 2009 Quincy saw a comparative change of about 2 properties in regards to condo sales, according to H3MLS inventory stats. Quincy Condos DOM changed by about -34 days. The average change in list price for the same months was about $5203. The average condo change in sales price for this period was close to $5622. The separation between the list price and the actual sales price produced a 0% change in difference. Total condo inventory changed by about $663928 while the total inventory changed by approximately $-1233322.


Quincy single family homes (NYSE:SFR) change in total inventory during this period was about $-977450.  Single family homes days on the market (DOM) changed by about -69 days and had an average sales price change of $21111. The average list price of Quincy SFRs changed by about $22930.  The List-to-Sold ratio produced a 1% change in difference during this time period.  There was a change of about -5 SFR homes that sold in analysis of the two months.

Multi-Family homes (MFR) also commonly referred to asQuincy investment properties saw a total comparative change of -3 properties being sold in a month-to-month analysis.  These properties accounted for a change of about $-919800 in total inventory. The MFRs DOM changed by about -58 days.  The average MFR change in sales price was around $24573 and change in list price was about $6723.  The list to sale ratio produced a 5% change in difference.