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Electricity that is cheaper with 50% less green house gas than coal.

Fuel cells have been around since the 1970's but have never delivered the promise of efficient energy at a reasonable price. Existing wind, solar home based systems have only existed with extensive rebates to subsidise what is an expensive and inefficient technology.  What do you do when the wind stops or the sun goes down. Expensive Battery based technology or being connected to environment unfriendly Coal generation is the only option for most of the world. Today i will present a technology that comes from my native Australia that has the capacity to become a Trillion Dollar industry that is in its infancy. It has all the right attributes to drop world greenhouse gas production by 25% without costing industry or taxpayer a single dime.

Ceramic fuel cells has the right to a technology that was produced by Australian scientists called as you guessed it the ceramic fuel cell. While most fuel cells produced have an electrical efficiency of 35%, this one is a whopping 65%. That is you get 65% energy back in the form of electricity for every 100% of energy put in. Compared to coal with the losses from distribution leads to a doubling of the energy efficiency and produces electricity with half the greenhouse output per killowatt. Such a technology should be expensive you would think.

No. A unit that produces 48KW per day called Bluegen is predicted to cost $8000 Australian Dollars or about $7000USD. I did the sums at current Gas prices in Australia. I am unsure about US gas prices but $350 gas replaces $3500 worth of Electricity per annum. There will be servicing costs that will reduce that margin. A technology that is expected to last 15 years will be paid off in three years without subsidies.

Compare this to solar panel generation,where the return on investment is 15-20 Years. With taxpayer based subsidies it is about 7-10 years. Who on seeking Alpha thinks there will be much tax payer subsidies around with the current US debt problems.

Is this too good to be true? I thought so till I read a report from the CSIRO. This is Australias premier science body. It has given a tick of approval to this technology and is backing it as the intermediate solution to our Greenhouse problem, until the point at which solar becomes economically viable. The report can be read at  the following address  . The next advantage is that it can be fitted inside or outside a house and is the size of a dishwasher.  The CSIRO also believes that the technology will become much cheaper with mass production.

What about the supply side. It appears that both North America and Australia is blessed with large amount of Natural Gas. This is in coal seams as well as in peat. There appears to be a major oversupply coming on line with prices under pressure. This is well documented in gas prices and other authors blogs on seeking alpha.

There is a down side however. The company does not have the leadership or the marketing experience to necessarily be successful. It is prime for takeover by a company such as GE who knows how to manufacture. I think this technology could end up in every second house on the planet in the next 20 years.

How big do you think this could get? It looks to be what Microsoft was to IBM at only 20 cents a share.

This technology makes the electric car viable, it makes home generation with a grid connect system viable.

The unit also produces 200 litres of hot water per day, but could be configured to produce drinking water for those desert regions with a condenser and tank. Check it out on the net. Ceramic fuel cells. It is registered on the Australian Stock exchange as as CFU. Its consumer product is called bluegen which will go into mass production later this year.

I think this blog fulfills my intention to give answers to Americas problems.

My next Instablog will be on cutting edge medical technology depending on the response to this article. Why am i telling you all this, i want a future in this world for my children and i hate wasting money. I have recently purchased this companies stock as a long term speculative investment.

Disclosure: LONG CFU:ASX