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At present -- Indo- china border is very hot

Sino Indian relations have been frosty at best and chilly at worst.  Besides a brief period of bonhomie between 1954 and 1958, India and China have spent a bulk of their 53-year diplomatic history countering each other. While China perceives itself as the de-facto regional power and a rising global power, India has never conceded to China, either regional superiority or acknowledged its global preeminence. Today, Chinese assistance to Pakistan’s nuclear and missile program, and also China has also pledged about US$ 1.2 Billion worth of military hardware to Myanmar,
 Only adds to Indian notions of Chinese perfidy since the border war of 1962.  China’s decision to attack India has its origins, in Mao’s personality as much as Nehru’s forward policy. After 1962, China has diligently charted India’s strategic encirclement with a high degree of success.  India is therefore justifiably concerned about Chinese intentions,
At present -- Indo- china border is very hot, Tell me what is result of the if the war broken ----