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Welcome To ConcourseQ


ConcourseQ is a community sourced platform for reviewing Initial Coin Offerings.

We are the only ICO reviewing platform that does this.

We all work together to improve our due diligence methods.

What is ConcourseQ?

In the emerging market of Initial Coin Offerings, doing one’s research is pertinent to ensuring that funds contributed are not lost or depreciated. Over the past two years, ICOs have been popular with cryptocurrency investors, allowing participants to help crowdfund start ups in the crypto space. Similar to startup fund raising, ICO projects sometimes lack MVPs, so it can be difficult for investors to conduct their due diligence. ConcourseQ is a due diligence platform that allows the cryptocurrency community to work on producing reviews for upcoming ICOs as a team rather than separately. Because the platform allows anyone to publicly log information on cryptocurrency projects, ConcourseQ allows the investors to review the ICOs themselves. Red Flags, Green Lights, summaries and basic information are a few of the features ConcourseQ boasts that makes it easy for an individual of any experience investing to review and see the Pros and Cons of any specific ICO.

Why use ConcourseQ?

While many popular ICO rating services exist operate with success, they lack a specific element that separates ConcourseQ from the rest: the community. These sites that are operating currently allow individuals to comment and view upcoming ICOs and basic information. This is a good model, but it does not provide an encompassing and unbaised view of new projects. ConcourseQ takes the model a step further and allows those individuals to create their own reviews upon said ICOs. Amongst these reviewers are the Qfellows: a select few that the ConcourseQ team has chosen to share their research on the site. Over time, we expect our Qfellows to hone their due diligence methods and learn a lot about how to efficiently analyze this new funding method. By following the communities modus operandi, ConcourseQ users can learn from and contribute to the due diligence reviews for all ICOs. Additionally, if members are not inclined to participate in the reviews themselves, they are welcome to follow the others and see what ICOs they are “watching” and working on. For example: Whitaker enjoys the reviews that Qfellow Forrest completes, so he follows him to see which ICOs catch his eye. Whitaker can still comment on ICOs and watch his own, but following other community members grants him more exposure to the upcoming projects in the crypto-space. These are only a few of the reasons that members are joining the platform and continue to participate. ConcourseQ isn’t about what one person or team thinks, it’s based on the community consensus. No other ICO review or diligence platform on the web delivers what ConcourseQ already accomplished. When someone signs up and participates in ConcourseQ due diligence, they are not only benefiting themselves, but others as well who can see their research and add to it, thus ensuring a more accurate and in-depth review.