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Film Investment In Numbers


In this article you can find the several examples of the low-budget British films, that became box-office and brought long-lasting profits to their investors:

“Four Weddings and a Funeral”;

“Lady Macbeth”;

“The Lobster” etc.

Do you want to get a high return on your investments? I bet that yes. Then, invest in films. Film financing is not normally portrayed as the most secure and reliable investment a person can make considering a correlation of definite profit vs risk. However, it is one of the rare industries, in which you can invest a relatively low amount of money at different steps of filmmaking, and receive a great return in a short period of time. With special UK tax regulations, which provide investors with tax relieves, film investment companies, which help investors to decide on the investment project, and the whole-country trend of film investing encouragement, the benefits won’t be long in coming. To make all before mentioned statements more feasible, let’s do simple math and analyze the statistics. Here are some examples of the low-budget British films, that became box-office and brought long-lasting profits to their investors.

Let’s start with “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. This film with a budget of £2.8 million earned $245.7 million. The comedy tells a story about a kind, but socially awkward man, who got acquainted with an American, whom he continues to meet at four weddings and a funeral.

The next is “Lady Macbeth”. This film is about a woman of the 19th century, who struggles to find happiness in her loveless marriage with a much older boring man. As she almost accepts the fact that she had to live the life turned by her husband into a strict, repetitive routine, she meets a man of her age and experiences a whole new range of emotions with him. Having a budget of £500.000, this film got $3.9 million for a profit.

The project that had a budget of $4 million and earned $15.7 million is an absurdist dystopian love story, “The Lobster”, where single people have to find a couple in 45 days. If they do not succeed, they are turned into animals and have to roam around forests surrounding cities and resorts.

“Once” - a modern musical about two young people, who are immigrants and record songs telling their love story. $150 thousand was spent on its creation, and the film got $23.3 million for its producers and investors. Sounds good, right? By the way, exactly film finance companies, for example, Red Rock Entertainment can help you to choose such a high-profitable project to invest in.

“Love & Friendship”, based on Jane Austen’s novel, this comedy film tells about the beautiful young widow, who comes to the estate of the deceased husband's family and without wasting time, she decides to find a wealthy husband for herself and her young daughter. Count by yourself: $3 million budget and a profit of $19.7 million.

Now, take a moment to compare the following facts: a $15 million budgeted film managed to score a 414.2 million box office. These numbers are about “The King’s Speech”. It’s an artistic, historical drama about the future King George VI, who struggles to overcome his stammer with the help of a highly qualified Australian speech therapist.

Another high-grossing film that deserves our attention is “The Inbetweeners”. Based on a TV show, this story unveils the adventures of four friends, who went for a trip on a popular island and faced typical teenagers’ problems. With a rather uncomplicated plot, it had such a success that got £64.8 million profit despite the modest £3.5 million budget. The next part of this story was sponsored and produced as well, having gained £33.3 million box office with the £2.75 million budget.

And finally, the “Slumdog Millionaire” - the film based on an incredible story of a boy who grew up in Indian slums and made his dream come true on “Who wants to be a Millionaire” show. Just as the main character, the film reached the success that blew people’s mind: with the $15 million budget, it scored the $377 million box office.

These numbers make a far more realistic impression than just simple words. Take a note that this list isn’t complete and can be still extended with a lot of films, both British and internationally co-produced ones. The profit is promising, and remember that you can both invest in yourself or choose a film investment company such as Red Rock Entertainment to help and provide expert guidance regarding the film investment industry.

Obviously, not every film that gets released nowadays turned into a huge hit and becomes successful financially. The ones mentioned above real gems, and the investors were smart enough to recognise their potential even before the release. But don’t you want to be one of them?