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OTCBB:BZEC - FDA Approval soon. Price can skyrocket up to $33.00

With management in transition and an FDA approval in anticipation, BZEC.OB (Mackay Life Sciences) Reaches its record trading volume of 202,600 closing at .14 cents.

It will not be long before BZEC skyrockets to $33.00/share like what it did when it first applied for FDA. At that time, FDA was not granted because there was no competition out in the market so a complete study cannot be done. But now that BZEC through Mackay Life Sciences has completed its technology, it will only be a matter of time before fans and investors of the medical sector put in their shares to this amazing proprietary technology. 

It is both an opportunity to earn and save lives, a win-win situation! Buy your shares now! In my opinion it is a good return on your investment in the long term.