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Seeking Assistance From Immigration Solicitors While Filing A Tier 4 Student Visa


There is no second opinion about the fact that the UK is one of the most preferred study destination in the whole world. That’s why thousands of students strive to.

This specific route is designed for non-EEA or foreign nationals, who are planning to visit the UK for study purpose.

However, due to complex and stiffened UK immigration rules, most of the applicants are not able to qualify for the visa. The rate of refusal is relatively higher than the acceptance. There are numerous reasons, which play their part in refusal. Some of them are related to the ignorance of immigration rules and regulations.

Moreover, the applicants are not familiar with the penitentiary documents that are required by the Home Office to evaluate the circumstances and eligibility of the applicant. In order to avoid refusal of the application and enhance the probabilities of acceptance, the best possible way is to seek the assistance of the Immigration solicitors. This is so as the immigration lawyers have the required expertise and relevant knowledge in this field.

Before making the study visa application, it is necessary to choose a course. This course of study should be of such a nature that it is acceptable by the educational institutes and relevant departments of the UK government. Besides, the education provider should have a Tier 4 (General) sponsor license to issue a confirmation letter to the student and sponsor his/her entrance into the UK.

Acceptable Course of Study

Irrespective of the course offered by the educational institute, you should choose one that is most relevant to your educational background. The course should be of appropriate duration so that you can avail the opportunity to get the study visa of UK.

Other essential things to consider during a course selection are as under:

  • Study a full-time course in the UK
  • Complete a recognized Foundation Program as a postgraduate doctor or a dentist

For those who are studying under a non-Foundation Program, they must choose a program which:

  • Allows 15 hours/week of daytime study
  • Refers to as a short-term study abroad program
  • Will lead to a level 6 or above qualification with reference to the (NQF) National Qualification Framework

The courses which are not English courses or study abroad programs and are below NQF level 6, they should fall under the following categories:

  • A Pre-session course, intended to prepare the student for the main course
  • Accredited at level 6 or above in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework or approved at or above level 3 on the NQF

Anything, which doesn’t relate to the above-explained criteria, is hard to be passed by the immigration department. So you should try to consult the immigration solicitors UK in your area and get required advice regarding the course selection and best educational institutes.

Exhibition of Academic Progression

It is of great importance to note that the students who have studied in the UK under the Tier 4 (General) before 31 March 2009, then the Tier 4 Sponsor is only capable to assign you the CAS after 4th July 2011 if you are able to produce certain facts which are mentioned below.

  • You are in need of a Tier 4 for the purpose of being in order to repeat the modules or re-sit in the exams
  • You are applying for a course of study which is showing academic progression with reference to your previous studies
  • You are submitting an application with a view to shift to a new institution and complete a course, which you have been studying at previous institution

In order to gain more detailed information, you should contact immigration solicitors. It is essential as the careful preparation of a Tier 4 visa application is highly recommended for the approval. For this purpose, all the fields of an application form should be filled with due care and caution. Not only this, you should seek help from an expert in this field to know what type of information should be provided with the application. The documentary evidence is necessary to support each application and all the relevant piece of documents should be provided to add the weight of your application. This step plays a pivotal role in filing a perfect application and convincing the UKBA/British High Commission to issue you a Tier 4 Study visa.

What you have to do is to provide all the information regarding your personal details, educational background and course of study that you are going to study in the UK. After that, a caseworker who is experienced in handling this kind of cases is engaged. The Immigration solicitors normally work as a team and each team member is expert in a particular field of UK immigration. Once you have provided all the supporting documents, the solicitor working on the case will prepare the application in a professional way and try to avoid any mistake or error in the form.

The above fact is highly noticed in the applications filed and prepared by the student. In fact, more than 75% of the visa applications are refused due to the failure to produce a relevant document or slightest mistakes. This causes confusions and makes it difficult for the Home Office to understand the true merits of the case and therefore you unfortunately receive a negative decision.

In case your application is refused and you want to file an appeal, this situation particularly falls under the domain of Immigration solicitors. They are capable of ensuring that while filing the appeal, only the correct legal references are included within the legal representations. The solicitors working on the case are aware of the fact that legal representations are the best options for supporting the point of view of the applicant and persuade the concerned authorities to grant the visa. This is possible only when the study visa application is carefully prepared without any flaws and errors.