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Amazon: Can Anyone Stop Them?

|Includes:, Inc. (AMZN)


Amazon's growth is difficult to compete with.

Brick and mortar stores are failing.

$1200 stock price.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon are constantly innovating and creating, making Amazon a threat to nearly every company. As Amazon works in web services and online retailing, while slowly delving into the grocery store market with the recent acquisition of Whole Foods – who can stop them from taking over? Traditional brick and mortar retailers, other than a select few (luxury, Lululemon) that foster an environment in store, are struggling to compete against the following of this giant. Amazon Prime invokes a culture, it makes ordering streamlined and 2-day shipping is the icing on the cake. Furthermore, the introduction of the Amazon “Dash Button” is aligned with their business ideas of making the customer journey easier.

            The history of Amazon was built by Jeff Bezos, who didn’t begin churning profits until around the 20th year of Amazon’s creation. Now, with the stock price floating near the $1,200 mark (as of November 28th) and Bezos’s net worth surpassing $100 billion, it doesn’t seem like theres anything that can stop this tech giant. Asian companies such as Alibaba and, if they delved into US markets, could potentially compete with them – but Amazon’s cult following is so developed. Fighting for the e-commerce market space will be a challenge, and it will take a company with innovative management and a strong core business to take them down.