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Osiris Therapeutics Relisting On NASDAQ


OSIR traded on the NASDAQ prior to delisting.

OSIR currently trades on the OTC.

On Friday OSIR filed Form 8-A notifying the SEC of its intent to relist on the NASDAQ.

This indicates that Osiris Therapeutics previously applied to NASDAQ for listing on the Global Market tier and is far enough through the process to notify the SEC of the intent to change exchanges on Form 8-A.

Research demonstrates that delisting results in a decrease in share trading volume and weaker markets.  So it is reasonable to expect a return in trading volume and stronger market.  

The same research shows us that delisted stocks loose a significant value after delisting.  So it is reasonable to assume the inverse, that stocks should resume value when relisted. 

What is fascinating about Osiris is how much stronger the company is now than prior to delisting.

To learn more about Osiris growing revenues, its break even operations (potentially profitable if not building for the future), solid balance sheet (zero debt), efficacious products, and strong partnerships (Arthrex, Styker, & Mesoblast) please see my other Seeking Alpha articles on Osiris:

Disclosure: I am/we are long OSIR.