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How To Interpret Market Forecasts

Forecasts Forecasts Forecasts

Everyone is coming out with forecasts.

What do we think about that? We don’t, why? The most dangerous thing to do is to become emotionally attached to someone’s forecast or what they THINK the market is going to do. We all know better right? The last thing we want to do is read a DOW a gazzillon points higher by year end 2011 and hang our hat on that.

What if it doesn’t come to fruition? What if it doesn’t happen and rolls over with us mentally attached to that outcome? We get crushed. Thanks anyway.

What we at All About Trends prefer to focus upon is the reality of what is and what is developing all based upon what we see via technical analysis vs. think. We’ve seen it time and time again around here. We watch what the indexes and leading stocks are actually doing and yes more often than not we end up being buyers when everyone is a seller and a seller when everyone is a buyer.

So what’s our forecast?

To continue to do just that. Let our stocks and the indexes tell us what to do by the action they exhibit. We feel strong about the word OPPORTUNISTIC going into the new year. That’s our forecast, get in, get your gains and get out. This is where a trading plan can really come into play.

The $500 a week is one goal and plan.
Did you know if you earn just $500 a week in the stock market, you’d have the following annual returns?

  • 96% return on a portfolio of $25,000
  • 48% return on a portfolio of $50,000
  • 24% return on a portfolio of $100,000

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