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Charts Of Indexes Forecasted Today's Sell-Off

|Includes: BCSI, Silicon Laboratories, Inc. (SLAB)
One of the best change in trend patterns is the First Thrust Down short-sell pattern.  The saying goes:

“First Thrust Down, Snapback Rally, Bombs Away”

Let’s look at some examples:


Classic first thrust down, puts in a bear channel, snapback rally call it what you will in pink, breaks it and it’s bombs away. One catch, the bombs away was earnings related. BUT that’s the pattern we want to see on the short side with names.




Same here.  The blue box is the first thrust down, the pink lines represent the snap back rally, and then bombs away.
In both cases, the short sell trade is initiated on a break to the downside out of the pink channel.
Now let’s look at the indexes:

You can see a break of the Pink Snapback rally (bear channel) that we’ve been highlighting. So could we keep going down here? Yes, as we got the break.

We’ve laid out a dark blue line in the daily charts here as they are prior support levels to be aware of. Should we get there in a hurry? It’s where our paying subscribers will lock in their short-sell gains!

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